The power of voice to clean India

India has been reeling under these ever piling heaps of dirt, garbage, remains for centuries now and it is high time that we raise our voice against this. Apparently, we just talk about it and show our concern but never implement it, for a simple reason being, no one wants to come forward in cleaning the dirty streets.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign for swachh Bharat is a very good initiative and a great way to kick start the mission of clean India. Having said that, there are places that need cleaning and immediate attention and they are the rural India, the banks of the divine river Ganga and many such places which has been left totally aloof from the world. All these places require immediate attention and cleaning. We cannot expect our Prime minster to go to each and every place for the campaign and so he has been nominating people and they are further nominating other people. This nomination could further reach to the maximum people and this is what is called the power of voice. The power of voice is stronger and sharper than a sword and it reaches straight to the heart of the people. All we need is to speak up and quit being a silent spectator.

There are people who are unconditionally giving their best to make the country dirt free. Now it is our turn to do our bit. So! Let’s hold the broomstick and start the mission of clean India.

Let’s point out areas where the mission has to be implemented.

  1. When we go to foreign countries, we are awed by the clean roads and streets and how we wish, India too looks equally clean. India is a country which attracts lot of tourists because of the rich heritage attached to it and more recently the medical facilities with a cost advantage available here. Our tourism Industry should just grab the opportunity to make India a favoured destination to such tourists. Though there is a steady increase in the influx, it will not be long before we take a hit, as we are considered an unclean nation. This can only change when every citizen gets involved in the clean India mission.
  1. Cleaning the banks of river Ganga. This is the need of an hour, for the fact that lot of tourists visit this divine river to wash their sins and this is considered to be the purest river, which is notional. Now it has become one of the dirtiest places with people throwing garbage on the river bank and that in turn makes the river stinky and dirty. When we say it’s a divine river, it should look like one and we the people of India has to come forward to make our Ganga river pure as milk again.

So let us all take a pledge to keep our house, our streets and our roads clean. Only when each and every individual takes the initiative, the country will look beautiful and so it is important that we speak about it and continue to do so.

Kyonki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega


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