Let’s go for a Swachh Bharat Mission

When they say cleanliness is next to Godliness, it is aptly said in the context of the “Swachh Bharat Campaign”. But cleanliness starts from your own house. A proper sanitation and hygiene plays a vital role in your everyday life. One just can’t fathom a house without sanitation so just imagine people living in the rural India has to suffer so much just to get a proper sanitation. So the major reason that 70% of the women and children suffer and die is because of open defecation or lack of sanitation. And even if there is sanitation, the lack of maintenance makes it vulnerable to more diseases. This is a major problem and one just can’t ignore the fact. And it’s high time we take on the taboo of sanitation and public hygiene to the next level.

It’s not about the women and children but every individual who has to suffer because of the dirty streets and unhygienic sanitation. Cleaning doesn’t just mean to clean the streets but to provide proper sanitation, so people don’t go out for the nature’s call. SO cleaning begins from our homes, to make our streets clean we have to start from making our homes clean and hygienic.

However, the condition of India has been like this for time immemorial and as they say “Rome was not built in One day” and so it’s going to take time to make it like we have been dreaming it to be. But Thanks to our Prime Minister, who has at least come forward and spoke about this issue, which was dug in the grave for centuries now and no one had the guts to talk about it. Many politicians came and they just spoke about development and never specified development in which area. But Narendra Modi proved it that Development can only happen, when we start from our country and clean India is a first step towards development.
Now let’s cite an example of how a good sanitation and hygiene can affect India at large.
The sanitation system in the rural parts of India has pathetic condition, for the fact that, they don’t know how to use and maintain it and they just throw anything and everything in it, which chokes the drainage system. This improper drainage system leads to stinky rivers and lakes, which thus leads to multiple diseases. So the core problem is unhygienic and poor sanitation. This can only be solved when we keep our houses clean, our sanitation system should be properly maintained and make sure not to clog the drainage system. Remember, the problem starts from home and so does the resolution. SO to allay the problem of dirt, wastages, poor sanitation and poor hygiene, we have to allay it from our home. Start the mission of clean India from your home. If each and every citizen initiates the mission right from their homes, it’s not far that we will be able to successfully complete the mission of “Swachh Bharat”.
So it’s time to rise and shine for a cleaner India.



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