Let my country awake

There is a famous poem by Rabindranath Tagore. “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, into the heaven of freedom my father, Let my country awake “. And we as a citizen of India, wants our country to awake from all the ill deeds, the negativity around. I also reckon that, to live the dream of Pandit Rabindranath Tagore, we have to enlighten our self first.

At the first place we are proud of being an Indian, while on the other hand, we just ignore everything that happens around us, for a simple reason being, we just don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. I am pounced by the indifferent attitude of people. We talk about, swachh Bharat, but before we make our country clean, we have to make our home and nearby environment clean. Our Prime Minister has emphasized and supported on a great cause of clean India, and to my knowledge the unconditional support he is getting from the rest of the world and from the people of India is unprecedented. This is the very reason; people address him as the rock star and admire his energy, his courage and bonhomie. You must be thinking why I am singing a Paean for our Prime Minister. Well! He indeed has inspired millions of people for a mission which was never touched or talked about in the history of Indian Politics.

Having said that, I think, this mission can only be a grand success if we as an individual contribute by starting from our homes and take this initiative in a sporting way. We can’t stand a house which is full of cockroaches and laundry lying on the bed and the whole house is stinky, then how can we stand a country like that. Here, the need of an hour is to first clean your house. A house is made a paradise by the people living into it, right, but more so by making it clean and hygienic, only when people are healthy and fit, a house looks like a paradise. Likewise, the people of our country should be healthy by following a hygienic lifestyle and making it clean. SO you see it is our duty to make it impeccable.

Our Prime Minister has emphasized in making India a tourist hub and to make so, we have to create a healthy environment around and that can be done with the “Swachh Bharat” mission. This is trending everywhere of late and the more it reaches the people, the more it will instigate others to participate in this mission. I see people quite feisty in promoting this mission and this is good sign that people also want change and they too want their country, their home to look clean and beautiful like any other foreign countries.  To amble on the beautiful path that has been made beautiful by the sweat of each and every citizen and setting an example for the generations to come.  And So I call upon my fellow citizen to participate in this mission and “LET MY COUNTRY AWAKE”.



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