The missed opportunity

It was a college annual function and everyone was super excited. Everyone was busy shopping for the D-day. Girls were busy in the parlour spending hours together to look their best. Well! The reason all were so excited and feisty was, because it was an inter-college function and as usual boys were super excited to check out on girls.

Anand was a good looking chap, but his only habit that made him unpopular among girls in his college was his stubble look. The reason he would give is this is a manly look. Everyone tried to explain him to try a clean shaven look at least ones. But he was dead against trying any other look. He was too indolent to do anything with his look.

When he came to know that, this annual function was jointly organized by his college and St. Marks Girls College, he had a spark in his eyes.

Neeta was a very bubbly and fun loving girl. She met Anand, in an inter college symposium. It was a casual talk. But Anand fell head over heels in love with this girl and he tried hard to get her number, but she was gone before he could ask for.

“You know Neeta is also going to come. You have to look your best.” His friends teased him. He was blushing and just grinned and went to his room. Now the coming days, he was found day dreaming about Neeta.

Rita told him, “Dude! You have to get rid of that stubble look, and trust me; Neeta will definitely fall for you”. Rita was his best buddy right from school and they both seek each other’s advice every time. Mahesh just didn’t want to listen to anyone and he did what he liked. He shrugged and said “She should like me for what I am and looks doesn’t really matter”.

“True”, Rita said, “But impression does and your first impression is definitely going to be judgemental.”

Mahesh didn’t really cared and just got up and went into his room.

Finally the D-day has arrived and everyone was in their best attires. Girls looked colourful and gorgeous. The view of the Town hall looked like a Celebrity party. Boys looked equally handsome and both the parties were busy checking out each other.

But Mahesh’s eyes were searching for Neeta. He was also well dressed except for the stubble look. Anyways, people didn’t really bother to tell him again, because they knew, he won’t listen to them.

All of a sudden his eyes sparkled and his mouth was wide open. Neeta was dressed in a beautiful sari and she looked like a perfect Indian girl, Simple yet gorgeous. As soon as she entered the room, everyone started complimenting her. Mahesh was building the courage to go and tell her about his feelings. After going to the loo some 50 times, he brought all the courage and stood right in front of her. “Hi Neeta” he grinned, “You look gorgeous”.

For quite some time there was silence and Neeta had a puzzled look. Mahesh Understood, she didn’t recognize him. So he re-introduced himself and upfront asked for a date.

She was taken aback, and she just gave him a dirty look and said” You think, I will ever go for a date with a stubble looking guy like you. Go get some life Dude!”

And like in movies, his heart was broken to snippets and he was left embarrassed and hurt at the same time.

That moment he realized, his friends were right and he was only adamant and never took it seriously. He got a lesson of his life, but it was too late. He missed an opportunity.

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