Getting into trouble

Ravi was a brilliant student. He was in the 2nd year IIT, Kharagpur. He was quite famous among his classmates and hostel mates. Everyone used to come to him for any doubts in the studies or trouble in their personal life. And Ravi was always ready to bolster. He was a crush of so many girls for his intellectuality and his helping nature.

The only bad habit was his lazy attitude. He was least interested in dressing up properly or shaving for that matter. That shabby look was the only flaw in him. He would just get up and wear anything from his wardrobe and rush to the college. If asked, he would say, “I am here to study and not to impress girls or anyone”. “Agreed”, said one of his friends, “but impression also matters dude. Tomorrow, if we have campus placement, won’t you dress up properly?” To that he said, “Looks doesn’t matter and knowledge does, so yes I will be the same.” His words spoke volumes of confidence and his friends knew he would definitely crack any interview. But they were only worried about his dressing sense.

Final year, engineering, everyone was busy dressing up, going through their notes. Some were busy bribing the Gods with incense sticks. While some looked super nervous biting their nails. Well today they had campus interview, and guess which company? “MICROSOFT” The name itself made everyone excited and they had to crack the interview at any cost.

Ravi, on the other hand, looked calm and composed. He followed his daily routine, getting up, having breakfast and without thinking much he wore his casual jeans and T-shirt. People were flabbergasted, as everyone was neatly dressed with crisp formal shirts and trousers and a tie, and this guy was so nonchalant and full of confidence. Some did feel jealous, but anyways, they had other things to think about. SO no one really bothered.

Turn by turn people were going inside, and after 30 to 45 minutes, they would come out, some with a happy face, some with a sad face and some looked blank. Now it was Ravi’s turn .He entered the room and there were 5 panellists, 2 HR managers and 3 technical managers. He looked quite confident, just entered the room and shook hands with everyone with great confidence. They actually loved his confidence. But the only thing that bothered them was his shabby look. One of the panellists asked him, when everyone is dressed properly, what makes him dress like this.

His reply, shocked everyone, and it was the same, “Sir, for me looks and dressing up doesn’t really matter, I am confident that I will contribute my knowledge to your company and for me knowledge matters more than looks.” This statement made the panellists skeptical on whether to hire him for his extraordinary knowledge or to reject him for his shabby looks. Finally, results were declared and he was kept as a backup. He was shocked and he went right away to them and asked them the reason.

“Well!” said the HR,” As you know ours is a multinational company, and we have foreign clients visiting frequently. If you won’t’ change your looks and dressing sense, I am afraid, we can’t hire you. Because, you might have to make presentations and many business meetings happen on a daily basis and for us along with knowledge, looks and dressing also matter.  And I am sorry; we have to take a hard decision on you. However, take this as a lesson for the next interview and take your call”.

This incident broke his heart completely, but it was an eye opener, and he realized how looks matter so much. But his lax behaviour made him lose a golden opportunity in his dream company.

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