Have a safe drive

When people say “Have a safe drive” they genuinely mean that, because of the fact that driving on the roads these days has become a nightmare with the increase in the number of accidents happening. And India is a country where largest numbers of accidents happen every day. And this intimidates me to go out on the roads. The simple fact of the matter is that, people have become callous and they care two hoots for the life of other people.

It’s high time that we quit being a mute spectator and do our part as a responsible citizen of India. What can be done to allay the increasing number of accidents? Well! Safety begins with me and I will definitely follow the rules and make sure that others do the same.

And today Nissan safety driving forum has taken an initiative to send a message to everyone that ROAD SAFETY AND ETTIQUETTE IS EVERY DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY AND IT CANNOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.

Now being a responsible citizen that I am, I would like to put forth my two cents here:

  1. Speed: We have to always maintain an average speed. Succinctly they say, “Speed kills”. The more you increase the speed the more you are heading towards disaster. So increase in the speed is an alert that something unexpected could happen.
  2. Wear your seat belts or helmets: It is your responsibility that while driving; one has to wear the seat belt or helmet. It is a human tendency that when you see a traffic police or when you are nearing the signal, you wear the seat belt or helmet and the rest of the time you don’t care to follow the rules.
  3. Never use your cell phone while driving: This can be the biggest reason of accidents. Usage of cell phones while driving can distract you and lead to accidents. So if you get a call or a message and you can’t wait to check, park your car on the side of the road and take the call and then continue driving.
  4. Never Drink and drive: Again the major accidents happen because of drinking and driving. Avoid driving when drunk. This is the least favour you can do to save your life and others too.
  5. Don’t drive when you are tired or on some medication: Yes. When you are too tired or on some medication which can make you drowsy. In such condition, being on the driver’s seat can be dangerous.
  6. Don’t try to over-take: Especially the young generation kids do this. In order to outsmart the other vehicles, they drive rashly and try to overtake in any condition, which can lead to accidents.
  7. Follow the indications: Many people just change the lane all of a sudden without giving the indication. The vehicles coming from in their speed, can’t control the speed suddenly and so your mistake can risk your life and others life too.
  8. Don’t drive at night: Number of accidents happens during the night time and in the highways, where people just drive in full speed. Also the risk of driving at night is because of the person sitting beside the driver. Never sleep when the person is driving at night. There is no hurry to reach the destination on time and if here is then you should make sure that you reach their before night to avoid any accidents.

The list is endless. It is indispensible to follow these simple rules and make the driving in India safe. When we start following the rules, we can ask people to do so. So Safety starts from us and we as a responsible citizen should send this message to every Indian. So, “HAVE A SAFE DRIVE”.

The Nissan Safety Driving Forum.


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