Love at first sight

All this while, I wrote about stubble look and how it led to loss. For a change, I would like to put forth my two cents on a clean-shaven look as well. This can well be done through this short story.

Aarti and Abhay were on for their first vacation after marriage. It was love at first sight for both of them.

Abhay was a good-looking, handsome boy with a clean-shaven look and well dressed up always. This made him look even more impressive. Girls used to die for him. Just like any other hero, he was a hero in his college. Aarti joined the college in the mid-year because of her dad’s transferable job. She was another extremely talented, well dressed up girl and her beauty was something which made other girls jealous about her.

Though they studied in the same college, they heard about each other through friends but never really had a face off, because of the different branch and different timings. It was during one of the inter college symposium that the college committee had to select the best of the students, all-rounder and good-looking. So these two being quite multi-talented, they were selected to represent their college in the symposium. Both were informed and asked to meet up with the faculty members tomorrow.

Next day, both of them well dressed and confident, stood in front of the committee members. They were introduced to each other and as they say when you fall in love, a romantic music starts playing in the background, and the wind blows, everything looks new and fresh. That was the feeling that both of them were experiencing.

Anyways, not letting their feeling come on the way, both started preparing for the symposium and they worked day in and day out for the same. Finally the D-day arrived and they promised to meet at the college campus sharp at 9 AM. As decided, they reached the college on time and from there they had to go the town hall, where the symposium was being conducted. SO off they went to the venue, both of them were quite nervous, for the fact that, there were intellectuals all around and they started losing confidence. Anyways since they had prepared for their performance on stage, they tried to give their best, irrespective of whether they will win or not. And so they did. Finally when the results were declared, their college won the first prize for the presentation skill, for well dressed up team and for the interactive skill. Their happiness knew no bounds and everyone just rushed to them and congratulated and complimented as the best looking couple.

That day, they spoke their heart out and proposed each other. Aarti said, “I must admit, I have never seen you in a stubble or unshaven look. Is it to impress me or you are always clean-shaven.” To this Abhay smiled, and said “You can ask my friends and family”. She understood, that he was always so prim and proper and that increased her love for him. Now they are happily married and off for a vacation. This shows how a clean-shaven man can win thousands of heart.

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