Rise and shine above fear

The mountain dew tagline says “Darr ke aage jeet hai” which is so true. There is always a fear of losing, a fear of falling down, a fear of people laughing at you, and the fear continues, but you have to overcome every fear in life and only then one can rise and shine high.
I guess most of us as a child were scared of the giant wheels or the roller coaster ride or the scary house for that matter and when we successful get off the ride after crying and screaming and sweating to the core, we feel like a great achievement and we keep telling everyone. Like they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, likewise there is success ahead of the fear of failure. Talk about any big shot across the world, they have overcome the fear of failures and that made them become the powerful personality that they are. It is a good thing to have fear, because over-confidence can sabotage your confidence altogether, so a little fear is always good.

Apparently, Manasi was one of the intelligent students in the class. She was hardworking and always ready to help her classmates. Her only flaw was that she had stage fear, whenever someone asked her to give a presentation on stage, she would sweat a lot and literally shiver and her classmates used to laugh at her. That made her even more embarrassed. Her confidence was going down and that was the matter of concern for her parents and friends. This even affected her performance in the studies and day by day she was losing interest to study and she stopped speaking to her friends or parents for that matter.

“We got to do something for her” Priya told her friends. And everyone agreed to her, they couldn’t see her friend losing confidence in snippets.

It was during the campus interview that all the management students had to prepare a presentation and explain it in front of the whole of management branch and the interviewers coming from different companies. “This is going to be big!” everyone thought and were ready preparing for the same. Manasi looked quite tensed. Being a bright student that she was, all the faculty members had great hope on her, but they also knew her weakness.

“Where is Mansi? “Asked Priya, I really need a help on this one. Now everyone was searching for her. “Manasi? What are you doing here”, she asked. Manasi was sitting in the cafeteria all alone.” What happened dear? Why are you crying?” Priya asked.

“Priya, I really need to get a good job, but I am afraid I won’t get through”, she said. She looked very upset. This made Priya worry about her. “Manasi, you are a bright student and I am sure you will crack this one, but, you have to bring back your confidence and just try to overcome the fear. OK! Let me help you with that”, said Priya.

The next few days, Priya would visit her home post college and they used to prepare the presentation. “Imagine, you are all alone and no one is watching you. If you keep on thinking that people will laugh, you will definitely be laughed at. Just be confident and think that, I have to get a standing ovation in the town hall. The whole town hall should echo with your name. Think big and aim for big dear.”

“Mansi! Mansi! Mansi”, she imagined people saying her name and that kind of gave her a great feeling and day by day, her confidence level was improving.

Finally, the day arrived; everyone dressed in formal and quite confident. Manasi looked little tensed and she started sweating, but was prepped up for her presentation. “Just take a deep breath and go for it Manasi”, Priya said. As she started her presentation, she did feel tensed initially, but when she saw people listening to her attentively, all her fear was gone and with great confidence she gave the presentation.

As she imagined, just after her presentation, the whole town hall gave her a standing ovation and everyone congratulated her for the impressive presentation. Her friends backstage just couldn’t believe it was the same Mansi who would shiver and sweat in the name of stage performance. All credit goes to Priya, who patiently helped her overcome the fear.  Her happiness knew no bounds and with oodles of confidence she overcame the fear and claimed victory.



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