A Vacation to remember

I remember when I was a tad, I used to love going for vacations. But there were some places I used to hate going to, Those being the historical monuments or the scenic spots or temples for that matter, there Ain’t any interesting things to do there except admiring the natural beauty or go back to history. At least that’s what I used to think and I would wait for some interesting places to visit

Having said That, I didn’t get to kinda go to many places and my only vacation would be my native place, so I would just visit the locals which I got bored and I can write a thesis on the same, if asked. But I always used to think, if I have a kid, I will explore different places and let my kid enjoy the most.

Going with kids for a vacation is much more fun. They add spice in your life. And so as parents one would love to make the vacation memorable for the kids. Whether going with the family or friends, if you have kids, you make sure that the places you select shouldn’t be boring for your kids. Being an inquisitive being that they are, kids love to dig into things and ask silly questions. That’s why they are called innocent, they just don’t care about the world, and they ask questions with an innocent face which will melt your heart.  Trust me they are too good at it.

Apparently, as a kid, I used to love going to see wild animals in the Zoo. When we talk and show our kids wild animals in their text books, they usually imagine whether they really exist and the best way to explain that they do, is taking them to wild life sanctuaries or resorts to experience the same.


A great fun for the kids watching the wild animals, going on a safari to see tigers, leopard, elephant ride. They will have oodles of questions and trust me you will get tired answering them but they won’t.

images (1)

Beaches are something which everyone loves, and kids enjoy the most. The wave’s touching your feet and then waiting for the next big wave and as it comes towards you, you start screaming at the top of your lungs. It is so much fun. This is place where one can spend hours together enjoying the waves, eating the different chaats near the beaches, kids crying for the new toy or a teddy shaped balloon. you would feel that the vacation should never end and watching your kid enjoying to the core is your biggest achievement.

images (2)

Then the amusement parks, this is again a place which has amusements for everyone and the whole family can enjoy quality time here. Whether its water ride or the giant wheel or the roller coaster ride, its fun and even though we are scared to ride on those, still taking a chance and shouting and screaming on the whole ride is exciting.   PS- This is only for little older kids who love adventures and should not be experimented on toddlers.

If you kid is a too inquisitive and little older , you can also take them to the science museum to experience the real time projects which is also an educational tour for them. Coming out of the books, when they experience the real time science projects , they will definitely enjoy it .

So, you see, there are lot of places to go on a vacation where the whole family can enjoy and your kids can enjoy the most and cherish the memories forever.The biggest gift we as parents can give our kids is a vacation to remember.



2 thoughts on “A Vacation to remember

  1. Hi. You know what , when i came across this contest I could not come up with any ideas. The first thought was : I m not married and I don’t have any kids. So i skipped the contest on flimsy grounds. When I read the first sentence of your post I realized that I too was a kid. It never crossed my mind lol. Great work. All the best!


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