Yes or no to premarital sex

Talking about sex itself raises many eyebrows. Well! I am here not to judge anybody’s dogma or point of view. Every individual has his or her view point. Some may be for and some against pre-marital sex. But the fact of the matter here is whether it is right or wrong. It is really disgusting, when people talk against and then they are being judged first as to what s wrong and this has been there for ages and you are judging someone’s character blah blah blah! I mean come on get some life first, it is an individual’s prerogative and you are no one to impose your views and thoughts on other people. If I am against I am against period!  I don’t have to give explanations as to why I am against it. My opinion or my point of view could be a drop in the bucket though, but it is my point of view and I have every right to put forth my two cents.  Initially I was skeptical on writing on this topic, but then I had to share my view point.

When both the parties agree to experience the sexual pleasure, why is it that a girl is blamed? If she has slept with a guy, she is tagged a “Slut”. Then why is a guy not blamed or named anything. The mistake is equally the boy’s as well. SO, why this indifference,  Is it because the girl has no right to enjoy sex before marriage and the boy can mate as many times as possible and with as many girls as possible and then there are people who come forward for his rescue, “Woh to ladka hai, kuch bhi kar sakta hai”. First, get this bloody feeling out of your mind. The mistake is from sides and both should be blamed.

Secondly, the after maths of this pleasure will also be taken by the girl, she has to go through mental stress, physical changes, pregnancy, abortion and what not and still who is to be blamed? The GIRL. Though it is a mutual agreement but when the boy just shrugs off and backs off from his responsibility, who will eventually suffer? Yes you are right. Well! I might sound quite like the old school girl, but my opinion stands strong and clear and that is, say “No” to pre marital sex. Your adventures can destroy your life. I understand this is the age factor and the hormones just kick in and one can’t control their feelings.

People say, this has been there for ages, but the people weren’t so mean back then, I guess. Youth these days just want adventure and they would stoop down to any level for the same and then when the real trouble comes, the blame game starts.  I remember, my mom used to explain me, you are like a flower and we are like a fencing all around. As long as we are there, no one can come near you. It is so true, teenage is the time people start acting wired and they just want to get free from all the restrictions and live free and experience new things.

My verdict on this would be a strict “NO” to pre marital sex. You have all your life to experience the pleasure of sex and just for few minutes’ pleasure; you are risking your future. That is the reason this whole institution of marriage has been introduced, to experience all the pleasure on the first night itself.  : P

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