An Abysm

A relationship is a two way thing and no matter how much you try, only when both the parties are in sync, the family runs smoothly. It has been quite a roller coaster ride so far for Anita. Her married life was at an edge where she had to take a decision for the future of their kids.

Holding the divorce papers, tears were rolling down her cheeks and the pang was uncontrollable. She never thought a small argument can bring them to this stage of life. While looking at the divorce paper and a letter from Anand, Anita was lost in the thought of how beautiful their life was.

Since the time they were married, life has been quite smooth with a loving husband and wonderful extended family all supporting her. After one year of their marriage, they had a new member of the family. Everyone was elated, like they show in the typical Bollywood movies, everyone pampering the child and the daughter in law of the family. But as they say, not all days are the same.

Being a working woman, Anita never ran away from her responsibilities whether in office or at home and she left the office tensions at office and vice-verse. Anand, on the other hand was an easy going man and this nonchalant attitude bought tiffs in their life. Anita would always explain him how his shabby looks can bring problems. But he would just shrug it off.  And every time the fight on this would go to another level altogether. Not a single day went without a fight and both of them realized this was affecting their child, but even after trying hard, they couldn’t stop the fight.

Anita somehow felt, she has been nagging a lot of late and so she decided she would try not to fight for silly reasons.

One fine day all hell broke loose. It was a fine Friday evening; Anita was in very good mood. As soon as Anand came home, she made tasty snacks and after a long time they had tea and snacks together.

“What’s the matter, you look quite happy. Huh?” asked Anand. Anita gave a wide smile and told him, “We have an office party tomorrow and a client is coming too and this would give me a great opportunity of promotion as a manager. But the catch here is they want us to bring the family along. So I was wondering, since it is Saturday tomorrow, why don’t you also come along. It would be fun.” Anand agreed to it, but one thing that worried Anita was his stubble look. She gave him a hint,” Anand, This is a big day for me”. “OK”, he said. Now she thought she should clear the air and she said, “I want you to be clean shaven”.

“What do you mean”, he shouted, “You mean, If am not clean shaven, I am not allowed to come with you.  I will be a shame for you in your so called client party? Just go to hell, I am not coming along”. That’s it, again another big fight, and both started bickering. That day they had a physical tiff as well. Anand just slapped her and she fell on the ground and was hit by a table. She was bleeding profusely.  And that went beyond her tolerance level.  Without a second thought she packed her bags and went to her parent’s place.

In two days she expected everything will be fine and Anand would come apologizing, but what came as a surprise was a piece of paper which decided the future.

She was not worried about the client or the party anymore, what mattered most here was her child’s future. “How can he do that to me”, she thought. Somewhere deep inside she knew it was her mistake too. But, asking someone to be clean shaven or dress up neatly is a blunder? She thought. But what concerned the most here was how a small fight or a silly argument brought a torment in their life. She was in Abyss where her cries or shouts cannot be heard and her heart was broken to snippets.

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