Triumph in truth

Right from our childhood we have been taught to speak the truth and I remember, as a kid, we used to say, “You will get cursed if your lie”, whether a child or an adult, there is a constant fear of getting caught if we lie. That fear is far more dangerous than accepting the truth and getting off the burden from the chest. Believe me there is so much serenity when you pour your heart out and just reveal the truth.

But sometimes there are circumstances which force us to hide the truth. Teenage is the time when we our minds get diverted to unnecessary things and our behaviour is like “Will handle it”. We feel we are big enough to handle things, and so we lie to our parents. DO you think lying is the solution? Lemme share an experience with you.

As soon as you are out of school, just can’t wait to unravel the college life and adventures. The feeling itself keeps you in high spirits. No discipline, No dress code, No punishments. Puja was already day dreaming about how exciting her college life would be. After lot of research, her parents decided to get an admission in one of the best colleges.

Bangalore! The name itself excited her. The happening life and the pleasant weather round the clock; Bangalore would be a so much fun. She thought. At the station, her eyes were wet parting ways and was feeling bereft. As she came to the city, she was desperate to explore the city. But initial weeks she got busy with the new environment, making new friends and taking care of her health (As for the first time she was away from home and that made her home sick and physically sick as well).

Anyways, after a whole one month, she came to form and started adapting the environment and the culture. It was during one of the fresher’s party, her seniors arranged a party at Taj hotel, with DJ and drinks and what not. Being a small town girl that she was, all these sounded excited to her. She has never gone to a market alone, so she felt ecstatic about her newly acquired freedom.

They decided to go out shopping and buy a new dress for the party, since it is in Taj, the dressing should also be classy. All this while, Puja didn’t tell anything to her parents. She too bought a costly dress.

On the D –day, everyone dressed in a perfect party attires, glossy and glittery. Puja too looked stunning, but she was a little nervous. The party started and everyone started enjoying the party, the games. For puja, everything was new and she was enjoying the most. She wanted to explore and experiment with her life and so she tried one peg, then two, then three. And Bang! She was already high. Her friends just took her home. Next day she had severe headache and was not able to get up and when she checked the phone there were 20 missed calls from home.

Now her tension started. For three days she didn’t talk to her parents properly, there was something which was eating her from inside, that was her guilt. Not able to sleep, or concentrate in her studies. She knew what she did was wrong and she cannot live with it for too long. This adventure of hers could have ruined her life if her friends wouldn’t have left her home. The thought of it got her goosebumps.

Finally, she got up determined to call her parents and tell them the truth, as she was not able to take it anymore. SO she picked up the phone and called her mom and told everything. She did get a proper bashing and a strict warning, but she took a sigh of relief and she felt as if a heavy burden got off her chest. She felt light and happy. Then she decided that she will never hide anything from her parents. “Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

SO you see there is always triumph in truth and one truth compensates every little lie one has said so far.

Kinley: Boondh boondh mein sachchai


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