Relationship means a lot

For Anita, her married life was at an edge and she ought to work it out. Anand felt the guilt too. He knew he over reacted and he shouldn’t have slapped her. Anyways the guilt was from both the sides. But Anita was deeply, intensely hurt and she needed some time.

All her happy days seemed like a dream which has been shattered and her faith torn asunder.  She knew her In-laws would definitely support her and she was right. Her mother in law called and pleaded her to come back home. But for a woman, once herself respect is ruined, it takes lot of time and courage to again rebuild the respect and live normal.

Her thought was deviated with a phone call. It was Anand. Her eyes sparkled and she had a smile on her face. She knew he would call her back home. “Anita, I know I was wrong, I am sorry. Can we meet?” That word “Sorry” melted her heart already and all the self respect thing or ego vanished. She just wanted to be together again like a small little happy family.

She looked excited and nervous as if it’s a date and they are meeting for the first time. But yes, it’s been 3 months already and she knew her husband took a lot of time to say sorry. But better late than never, so he was happy that he realized his mistake.

At the coffee shop, Anand was already waiting for her. For the first time, he was clean shaven and was quite well dressed. Anita teased him, “I couldn’t recognize you”. That day they had poured their heart out.  Anita was falling in love once again. She remembered, how they first met at the same coffee shop and Anand dressed exactly like today and that first impression left an impact and she immediately fell for him. It was an arranged marriage for them.

Anand held her hand and said, “Look, I am really sorry about that and sorry that I took a hasty decision. I don’t want to lose you. I promise I will never give you a chance of complaint again. I know you had to leave your job too because of me and I am sorry”.

But for Anita, her personal life mattered more than her professional life and she was happy that everything was going fine and back to track.

“Anita! Where’s my shirt honey?” Anand was getting late for the party. It was a big day for Anita. Being promoted as a Manager, Anita had a client visit and this time Anand didn’t want to ruin her evening.

AT the party, her client was all praise for her husband about his looks and his humour. This was another life for both of them and they started afresh. They knew how important a relationship is for them and they were glad that they saved their marriage.

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