Identity crisis

Talking about how the looks matter and how a stubble look can bring you in trouble, I remember one incident.

Pammi Aunty was looking for a prospective match for her daughter, Priya. Priya was a good looking and smart girl. She was very particular about looks, dressing sense. Pammi aunty’ has left a word about searching for a groom in her consanguinity too. But she knew Priya was quite finicky and particular about neatness whether at home or self. But her mom’s desperation to get her married left her no option but to give it a try.

“Tring Tring”, the phone was ringing continuously. Pammi Aunty rushed from the kitchen shouting, “Aa rahai hoon” (As if the person on the phone can hear her :P). “Hello! Who’s this? Really?  Ya sure, she can meet tomorrow.”

Priya sitting right in front understood the scenario. “Another meeting?” She asked. Ever since they have been looking for a groom for her, she has met almost a dozen or two matches outside. This was nothing new to her.  Pammi aunty gave her a sheepish smile, “Beta, Dress up properly tomorrow and don’t ask unnecessary questions and behave properly” Blah blah blah, this was the same old dialogue Pammi aunty gave every time she went to meet the groom.

Anyways, next day as decided, she got ready and was waiting at CCD( cafe coffee day). She didn’t know how the groom looked like and she was totally oblivious about his appearance. While waiting and sipping coffee, she noticed a man was standing at the entrance of the shop and was staring at her. He was dressed well but  he looked stubble and shabby. “Eek! “ She thought.

It was almost 15 minutes that guy stood there and was staring at her. His weird look made her feel uncomfortable. She thought of ignoring him and started talking on phone. She shouted at her mom, “You didn’t give me his photograph, how will I recognize him? You are so desperate to get me married mom.” She said.  Pammi aunty said, “Let me send you the pic through WhatsApp.” SO while she was waiting for the message, this guy was still at the same place staring at her. Now her patience broke and she just got up and walked towards him. Without asking him any question she gave him a tight slap,” What are you up to? I will take you to the police station, I am observing that you are staring at me from last 15 minutes.” Before he could reply anything, everyone came to her rescue and started beating him. Poor guy! In the middle of all this, she got a message from her mom. “Oh my God” She said to herself looking at the photo. This was the same guy whom she slapped and got him beaten by the public.  Before she could go and say sorry, this guy was gone already.

She came home and told her mom the whole story. And they laughed their lungs out. Poor guy, because of his shabby look he had to go through public bashing and beatings.

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