Will you shave please?

Aryan was fed up with the continuous ribbing from his classmates and he hated going to school for that very reason.
Aryan, 8 yrs, was a brilliant student and a rollicking guy. He was a pampered kid at home and what else could one ask for. A well settled family, great friends in school. But he was not by himself of late. At home, he would not talk to anyone. His parents were worried about him. With his father he was even more upset. No one quite knew the reason, but for the fact that he completely stopped talking to his father and would always dwell in books and other stuff to keep him busy.
After observing him for some time, her mom decided to speak to him. “What’s the matter kid? You are not by yourself of late?” Looking at his mother’s eyes, he just broke off and cried his heart out.” Maa, my friends are teasing me every day, because of dad?” That hatred when he said “Dad” bothered her. She wanted to know the reason behind that behavior. His dad was his favorite and he loved him too much. Why such a transformation, she couldn’t understand.
It was last week, Aryan was super excited about the annual function and since he took part in lot of activities, he wanted his parents to be present. “Dad, I don’t want to hear any excuses. Apply for the leave now itself” said little Aryan. So Aryan’s dad adhered to his orders.
Mahesh was a laid back man and he always had an excuse about his unshaven look. Every now and then his parents and his wife would keep bashing him for his nonchalant attitude. But all their effort would go in vein. He didn’t really bothered about his looks and how dirty it looked.
The annual function started and Aryan was glad that his father has made it to the function. After the function, there was award giving session and Mahesh was called on stage to give the trophy to his brilliant son for “All rounder student”. As soon as his father came on stage, everyone started laughing and Aryan’s friends started teasing him, “Your dad looks so shabby”.
Being a kid, it really hurt him and then after that every day his friends ribbed him and laughed at his dad and that left scars in his heart and he just started hating his dad. By the time Mahesh could understand, Aryan was already deeply hurt and only time or his father’s realization can transform him again.

I accept the tag of Daniel

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