An unforgettable avocation

I ponder sometimes if being a girl is a curse or a boon. The unending rules and labels attached are just not happening. She has equal right as a human being to do whatever she wants to do. A constant aversion from the society on whatever she does only breaks her heart but not her strong will. An audacious attitude and a strong will power make her a woman of today.

Yes she is no more a mum puppet which can be moulded as the society wants. If she is a great housewife, she can be a great entrepreneur too. If she is a doting mother, she can be a doting teacher too. All in all, a woman is a great human being and no one can ever take her place. If a woman is determined, she can definitely leave all the men behind in every field. So the so called patriarchy has to accept the facts that gone are the days when a woman was a mere object and she was treated like one. Now, she is much more powerful than men and she can achieve great heights.

Lata was a great dancer, right from childhood her upbringing was something which everyone appreciated and there was nothing which she didn’t learn, right from karate to dancing. Of all, her favourite avocation was dancing, being a bharatnatyam dancer that she was, she had performed many stage shows and also taught small children. She was contented with her life. Her supporting parents, her obedient children and her passion for dancing kept her going and she was happy in her small world around her. But, as they say, life is not always a fairy tale and one has to come out of the dream someday. So her parents were getting old and so they wanted her to get married. For Lata marriage was trivial and she just wanted to spend her life like she wished without anybody’s interference. Her only concern was, she has to leave her passion which she could not afford to do.

After constant pressure from her parents she agreed to it, but on one condition, she will not leave her passion for anyone. So finally, when she put forth her feelings in front of the groom, he agreed to it, but her in-laws were against it.  He convinced her saying that I will convince them you don’t worry. “You should concentrate in your family life and forget about your passion”, her mother in law said soon after her marriage. For Lata, this was a shock of her life, as her husband said he will tackle the situation. Anyways, she went straight to him and told him about what just happened. “Maa give her a chance”, her husband said, “every girl has right to live her dream and we should not let that dream shatter, she has a small world, let her do whatever makes her happy.” He said.  It was easy to convince her mom. Lata being a dab hand at dancing started teaching the kids nearby and has also performed some stage shows. Her mother in law is now all praise for her and she keeps boasting her all the time.

She has become an inspiration to the many women who has literally forgotten their passion or their dream. This shows how if a woman has a will power she can take the charge of life and make a choice instead of compromising . I acknowledge the tag of Preeti Chauhan This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus‘.


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