Glowing skin: A myth?

Acne has been a perpetual problem throughout my teenage and it irked me to the core. Everyone goes through this phase I guess and it’s quite embarrassing to face the society. I literally used to pray to get rid of this disgusting thing off my face trying all the tips of the world. And then if anyone used to come and ask me what happened on your face, it was like adding insult to injury and I felt like hiding my face from the cruel world.

Frankly, when this contest was declared, almost everyone was too happy, for all have gone through or is going through this phase and experience speaks louder. I too was like quite happy, ah! Finally a topic on pimples where I can pour my heart out and my tizzy too.

Having said that, for me glowing skin has always been a myth back then and I used to envy girls with flawless skin and deep inside I wished I was blessed with a skin like that. But the truth was a face with red patches and acnes. EEEKKK! I used to hate it!!

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The common problems and its effect on everyday life

The most common problem of having acne is the embarrassment and the humiliation attached to it. Just kidding! That indeed is one of the common problems, but the major ones being that the self confidence is torn asunder. And that’s true; I have experienced this self confidence thing. It could be because teenage is the time when all the hormones kick in and there is a surge of energy and confidence which kicks in too, and everyone wants to look their best and impress the opposite sex. And even a small pimple can sabotage your image and confidence.

I remember I used to literally follow all the tips to get rid of this thing. Whether it was applying honey or homemade face mask or having a fruit facial at home. My mom used to scold me saying, “Instead of applying those fruits, you can eat those, it is healthy from inside.” But as a stupid girl that I was, I just didn’t care. But, from the inside I was losing confidence, I just didn’t like the sight of my face and every time after applying any new thing, there would be a wide smile on my face because for a second, my face looked clean and less pimples. But after sometime, again back to square one.

The second common problem is, being laughed at by friends and every Tom Dick and Harry giving suggestions which is even more annoying. And that expression when people give suggestions is even more irritating, as if they have never had a break out.

And then as already said the humiliation which makes us hide from the outside world and we just wait for the time when this tensions and problems will get over. And all tensions apart, this pimple tension is the biggest of all. At least I felt so.

So you see this small little thing makes our life a hell.

How to tackle this situation

Well Well Well! The expert is here with some tips! For some people back then there were no revolutionary techniques to get rid of the pimples and so they followed these conventional methods like:

  1. Eating lot of fruits
  2. Applying homemade face masks
  3. Meditation
  4. Applying sunscreen while going out
  5. Washing your face frequently especially before going to bed.
  6. Not pricking the pimples
  7. Avoid excessive sugar
  8. Having a good night sleep
  9. Staying away from stress

The list is endless. However, these are some home remedies, there could be other ways too, and that being the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash. This is a real miracle and the easiest way to get rid of pimples. SO forget all the old age techniques and long waits for the pimples to get over and just try this. It helps fight germs, get rid of pollution and keeps the skin oil free and thus pimple free. And then we can proudly say that glowing skin is not a myth but a reality.


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