No fikar bech Quikr!

Earlier Bangalore was called the Pensioner’s paradise. The reason being it was so very affordable and the all time pleasant weather, made the oldies flock from different parts of the country. But with the maximum number of IT companies, it has been named as the IT hub and so with the increased number of IT companies and salaries they offer, the lifestyle has changed altogether; Bangalore has become the costliest city in India.

But Wait! Are you planning to relocate here? Let me help you out.

Relocating to Bangalore has become a costly affair, if not planned properly. Moving itself is a hectic task and needs proper planning and a devil-may-care attitude is not going to work.  It is not going to be that easy and one can be totally oblivious with the surprises waiting out there.

Let me share a personal experience. 5 yrs back when we had to move to Bangalore in a span of 1 week, we were pretty excited and didn’t quite plan an accommodation too. The reason being for 2 weeks we were supposed to stay at the company guest house and we thought we would have 2 whole weeks to search for a house there. But things are not easy as they look like. Coming to the new place, first few days went quite well and days passed just at the blink of an eye and by the time we realized, we had just 1 week left and my husband was dead against searching a house through a broker. So finally we were on the streets searching for a house on rent. After hours of strolling and sweating, finally we got a small house and we decided to move in 2 days. Since we didn’t have any household items, it was pretty easy. But eventually, one has to buy stuff and then came the real hitch. Bangalore being a metro, everything is so unaffordable and one just can’t throw money simply like that.

At this juncture, Quikr comes in picture. Whether buying any item at a lesser price or selling an old one, life becomes pretty easy with Quikr. Nowadays with the limited salary, one can’t sustain in a city like Bangalore and so on trivial items, one can compromise.

Why would I recommend Bangalore Quikr ?

Well! Anybody relocating to Bangalore has to keep in mind the cost attached and so to save some extra penny one can conveniently opt for Quikr:

  • From laptops, PCs, television and refrigerators, to cameras one can easily buy these items second hand at a reasonable price. Also, if one wants to buy a new one and sell their old appliances that can also be done at the click of a button.
  • Again, coming to a metropolitan city, the lifestyle changes altogether and everyone wants to have a style statement. So you can either sell your old one for a new model or buy a second hand at a cheaper price.
  • The major reason I would recommend this is because it is free of cost and you just have to take a pic, upload and post the ad for the potential customers to call you.
  • Also, you can sell your old products at an MSP (Maximum selling prize), which makes your life easier when it comes to calculating the value of the product.

The reasons are many and so are the lists of items to be bought and sold.  A quick and easy way to save that extra penny and yet making your life comfortable and luxurious at a cheaper prize.  By the way, I just sold my treadmill on Quikr and believe me I got a very good prize. So, what are you waiting for, just take your phone and experience the mutual trade Quikr. No Fikar Bech Quikr!


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