A liberal woman of today

They say no one can ever find out what women wants. Their feelings, their tears, their smile, every word uttered are obscure and one has to be an expert in woman psychology to understand a woman or women of any planet. Or rather he has to be a GOD, because no human can ever understand a woman.

Is it because women are way too superior to men? May be yes! Have you seen a diamond? Constant polishing and rubbing and cutting, makes it perfect to embellish a woman. Likewise, constant torment, pressure and sacrifices, makes a woman strong enough to face all the hardships. SO being a star she is a rough diamond and really needs some polishing.

However, women today have become liberal and they are not confined to the four walls. Their potential is way better and higher. The need of the hour is to identify their capability and get rid of the “OR” label and move ahead with an “AND” tag.

Having said that, I have always had a great respect towards every woman who has influenced the other women and the world for that matter with the position they hold in today’s world. I really wish I could someday attain a position or the respect they have achieved with the hard work and dedication.

Apparently, Puja was an ambitious girl. Coming from a conservative family, she was not allowed to work or pursue her dream. Every time, she tried to explain to her father how important a career is and how women these days have achieved great heights. But her father turned a deaf ear. Somehow, her mom convinced her father to allow her to complete her graduation. So after lot of reasoning and begging and pleading, he finally allowed her to do so.

Puja being a bright student that she was, her complete education was through scholarship, everyone was proud of her. “Your parents are lucky to have such a daughter”, they would say. She would just smile back, but inside she knew what she has gone through. But her will power and encouragement from her mother made her strong and she decided she will prove to the world and her dad that being a girl is not a curse.

But there was one passion which the world didn’t know about or maybe she didn’t reveal it to the world. That was boxing. She grew up seeing boxing. For her Dad was a champion back then. And she had a dream to become a boxing champion herself and live her dad’s dream. But her dad has different plans for her. While she was in college she joined the boxing classes and worked day in and day out without her dad’s knowledge though.

The time had come when she had to prove herself in a National platform and she was to go for the selection at Delhi. She was sure, her dad won’t allow and it was a sheer waste of time convincing him for now the name “Boxing” itself makes him furious because of some bitter experiences he had back then.

Her coach said, “I will convince your dad”. She knew it is never going to happen. Her dad is not going to allow her. But she left her fate to GOD. “Sir, your daughter is extra ordinary and she is a champion already, she will someday make you proud”, her coach said. Without uttering a word, her dad slapped her in front of the coach and the rest was understood. Her mother tried to explain to her dad, but all the efforts went in drain. Finally, her mother took a stand and said, “I will always support her no matter what and I will take her to Delhi. Her dad was furious, but her mom’s determination has become stronger over the years.

Finally, off she went to Delhi with her mother and her coach and rest was a history. She got selected and represented her state in Delhi and also won the match. Her winning speech proved she was a true human being and no grudges held. She said, ” My dad has always been supporting me throughout my journey and I totally dedicate this trophy to him”.

After watching her daughter win the trophy, her dad felt proud and guilty at the same time. As soon as they came back, he hugged and cried his heart out, he said, “You have indeed made me proud.”

So, sometimes the world recognizes the calibre and capacity in you, but your parents and that is the time when you have to prove them wrong. A girl is never a curse but a boon to parents and one should realize that soon. Every woman today is liberal and she can prove the world she is no less than anyone in this world.

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