A compromise

Women have always been an integral part of a family. Have you ever imagined a family without a woman? But being an important member of the family, why is there a thumb rule which has to be followed by her? Whether it is doing household chores or doing laundry. Whether taking care of the kids or taking care of the in- laws.  After all a woman is also a human being and not a machine and she too sometimes needs some break. Coming from a different family altogether, a woman has to assimilate the new environment and the culture and always abide by the same. In every phase of life she has to compromise on everything for the happiness of the family and the kids. She has to sacrifice her wishes and her happiness just to keep her family happy. Her priorities change and so does some relationships. As per the stats 73% of the married Indian women feel, a man prioritizes relaxing over helping with household chores.

Ajay and Aarti were head over heels in love with each other and after 2 years of solid affair, they finally decided to get married. But as they say, marriage is not a fairy tale and the reality comes soon. Living away from the family, initial days went smoothly. Aarti was totally oblivious with her extended family that lived in Mumbai, for the reason being, soon after marriage, they moved to Delhi and she didn’t quite get time to get to know them. It was during her in-laws visit to their place that she came out from the fairy tale world.

“Mom Dad! Please come. Such a pleasant surprise”, said Aarti. She indeed got a pleasant surprise. She really felt lonely alone at home and with her in-laws visit, she thought, days would pass like a typical Bollywood style family, merrily singing, dancing, laughing and playing. The reality is always opposite. But poor girl that she was, she was totally unaware with what is coming ahead.

It was a bright Sunday morning, Aarti got up a little late, being a Sunday and because she had been too busy of late, she wasn’t feeling good. Getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast, then cleaning the house, doing the laundry, literally gnawing the breakfast in a hurry and then preparing the lunch, serving her in- laws first and after that having a quick bite and then just relaxing for half an hour, again serving snacks and tea, Then dinner preparation time and then dinner. It has been a hectic week.

Ajay has been too busy too noticing how Aarti has started losing weight and without complaining she was abiding by the rules and the responsibilities. Or rather, he was busy lying on the sofa and watching the television. This annoyed Aarti even more. They would always have a tiff on this and then she would just give up. But all this while she never complained about what was she going through from inside physically and mentally. She felt stressed out and tired.

This morning, she was shivering and was down with fever. And because she got up late, her mother in law started casting aspersions without bothering what she is going through, Ajay too started shouting.  Without uttering a word, she started preparing breakfast. But she was feeling weak and couldn’t even stand. But nobody bothered to even lend a helping hand or ask her why she got up late or why is she weak today. And then, BANG! She collapsed right on the ground. Before anyone could understand, she fell unconscious.

In the hospital, she was in ICU and now everyone looked worried. The doctor came and told them she has been losing a lot of blood and due to exertion and loss of blood she fell unconscious. The doctor asked them to not let her do any household chores and even if she does, you have to help her to abate the exertion.

That day, Ajay realized that, she has been sincerely and responsibly taking care of him and his family and he didn’t realize she was going through such a pain inside. He decided to help her in the chores henceforth. .  If a woman can compromise on everything, why can’t a man compromise on his ego and come forward and let her feel, you are always with her in the kith and kin.

This will not only strengthen the relationship but also increase the love and respect towards you. I guess there is nothing wrong in doing the laundry or helping in the chores. In fact the respect towards men will increase more. One can allay the extra burden that a woman has on her shoulders by sharing some chores and lending a helping hand.

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.


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