Is laundry only a woman’s job?

I grew up watching my mom, doing the entire household chores single handed. There wasn’t any washing machine back then, and it was so much of work, washing everyone’s clothes and then drying and folding it. I don’t understand why it is a woman’s prerogative. But as we grew up, we were assigned a task to abate the burden on her. It didn’t matter much to her I guess but, I loved helping her out.

As kids we didn’t really know what struggle is because the most important part in our life, mom used to bear our part of the pain too. A perpetual pressure from home and society kept the woman on her toes all the time. For all the snarky eyes was on the woman of the house. Especially those old ladies sitting at the park would just talk about their daughter-in-laws and some would praise while some would curse. This is the only job of the people.

Coming back to laundry, as per the statistics, 76% of Indian men think that laundry is a woman’s job. I mean grow up you guys. Did you not feel sorry when your mother used to do the laundry and other household chores? Or is it that there is one rule for you and other for the woman in your life.  Laundry may not be a big deal, but the point here is after washing, drying the clothes can be done with mutual help and that is the least that a woman expects from her spouse. Then there are other men who would conveniently avoid all that is happening around and they prefer watching TV than to do the laundry, my husband comes in this category. Gluing in front of the television and simply ignoring the world around you, is his way of telling, I am not helping you with laundry.

Stats also show that 77% of men depend totally on women for doing the laundry. Now with washing machines in 99% of the households, washing clothes might have become easy, but still there are these men, who would crib and cry to put the clothes in the machine and that is a big deal for them and they are totally dependent on the women for the same.

With the women helping the men financially, she expects some help personally and even a small effort from your side is a big deal for her and she would thank you for that. So as a human being first, you should understand what a woman is going through and how working at home and in office drains her energy out and at this juncture your support can bring oodles of energy .

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.



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