Letz glow with Garnier

A pimple on your face exasperates you for no reason. Especially during the teenage, it is like a black mark which will bust your image. This is the time when we are extremely gullible and just want to do whatever possible to get rid of this thing. And who doesn’t want a flawless skin. And we spend a bomb on all the costly cosmetics, treatments, facials and what not. But the crux lies in a product that works wonders.  And to brainstorm the unending problem of pimples, there has to have a breakthrough in the beauty products.

Having said that, I have always had some or the other skin problem almost daily and it kind of annoyed me to the core. And I really wanted a product that can bolster in getting rid of these ugly pimples and their marks. After splurging into almost all the cosmetics, nothing really impressed me or helped me get rid of pimples.

It was during an annual function of my college, being a fresher, I wanted to look my best and make an impression. So off we went for a shopping. After loitering around at the lanes and sub lanes my eyes sparkled at the view of a beautiful dress. A Gordy lavender party dress and it looked absolutely stunning. I had to buy that at any cost. Just last night I had a long conversation with my parents and somehow I convinced them to let me buy a dress of my choice and they concurred to it.

So without a second thought, I bought that dress and tried and flaunted it for some time. Next we went to buy some matching jewellery and stilettos. After hours of shopping, we were all tired and had some real junk stuff to eat.

We were super tired and as we came home, I just slept like a baby that night. Next morning I woke up to the biggest nightmare called Pimple. A big red thing on my face looked like a big scar and that really made me mad. That day I didn’t go to college and I just wanted to get over this thing because next day was the D-day and I didn’t want to be a laughing stuff there.

I applied anything and everything which people suggested and this somehow exacerbated it to my surprise. Now I started panicking as nothing seemed to be working and I cursed myself for being so careless and eating junkies.  Anyways now there was no point cursing and blaming self, it was time for some real action as time was running fast.

Then I called up my best friend Neeta and told her the whole story. She suggested me Garnier Pure active Neem face wash. I just jumped off my seat and went straight out to a medical store nearby and bought this item. I applied it and waited for the miracle to happen, though I was skeptical about the result. But I already tried everything and so nothing worse can happen as I already ruined my face.

After half an hour, I could see the pimple evanesce. And my happiness knew no bounds. And slowly by the end of the day, it almost vanished. I took a sigh of relief and thanked my friend and Garnier of course for saving my image.

This is a real miracle and genuine breakthrough of all the skin problems and making the skin flawless and glowing. I love Garnier. So what are you waiting for Letz glow with Garnier?



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