A date to remember

A day embellished with colourful people and red roses all around and couples looking happy and so full of love. Valentine’s Day indeed marks as the most romantic day and so lovers and couples, for that matter, has a reason to celebrate. Well, a valentine’s day is not only celebrated by the youngsters alone but I guess everyone who is in love can celebrate this day. When you are in love, the world doesn’t matter to you, and you just want to let your partner or your boyfriend or girlfriends know how much you are in love.

Coming from a simple and conservative family, and marrying a complete stranger, the jitters was still persistent and it somehow didn’t allow me to freely talk to my husband or in-laws. After 2 weeks of marriage, my husband was transferred to Bangalore and so we had to leave the extended family and move to an altogether new environment. I was somehow happy and nervous at the same time, Happy because, I couldn’t speak to him freely and so I would get a chance to know him more, nervous because of the new environment and a new life.

Initial days in Bangalore was relaxing, as we just moved and there not much furniture or utensils at home and so we had to kick start this new phase from scratch. So we started shopping and slowly, I got busy decorating the house, trying different recipes to woe my husband and he too got busy with his office with loads of work piling up. And so we didn’t get time to even go on a honeymoon.

This went on for a month and our life became monotonous with getting up, having breakfast, and my husband leaving to office and coming back at night. I started getting bored staying alone and not much work to do. I still didn’t complained and was doing my duty.

One fine day, I asked my husband that we don’t even get time to spend and we should plan a vacation together. He said “will see”. So, I thought I should do something about this and so I planned something.

Before marriage I worked and so I had some savings in my account and I planned to give my husband a surprise honeymoon trip. Feb 13 was his birthday, so I had 2 days and a solid reason to celebrate his first b ‘day and first valentine’s day.

It was 11th Feb., I called him and in a panicked voice, I said,” We have to go to my mom’s place, I have booked the tickets and packed the bags too, it is urgent, and please take 2 days leave from office.”, before he could reply, I hung up on him.

And so my next 2 days was all well planned and managed. As soon as he came home, we headed to the Airport, he kept asking me what’s the matter and I just told him, I will tell you once we board the flight. So, we boarded the flight to port Blair from Bangalore via Chennai. Yes, Andaman Nicobar Islands it was. In the flight I told him, there are some surprises waiting for you. So from Port Blair, we boarded the ship, and reached our hotel in 2 hrs.

The beach right when you open the window of the room, sitting at the balcony and sipping hot cup of coffee enjoying the breathtaking view of the vast beach. Everything looked so romantic. The silver sand and azure waters of the Andaman, sting a bug of romance in both of us. Love was in the air and my husband looked so happy and proud at the same time and that expression somehow made me happy.

On the eve of 13th, I planned a nice candle light dinner at the sea shore. A sumptuous dinner and an exquisite view of the beach made the night even more beautiful. I ordered for a cake. While cutting the cake, I told him, there is a surprise waiting. In the middle of the cake I hid a diamond ring, and he was totally speechless looking at that and like a man, I was on my knees, and proposed him with a ring.  He couldn’t control his emotions and a drop of tears fell on his cheeks.

“This will be the most memorable day of my life he said”, hugging me tight, and that night we just walked hand in hand on the silver sand without talking, but our eyes talking with every word loud and clear.

SO if you are in love, it doesn’t matter who should initiate first, it is just a matter of reaching the message or emotions straight into the heart.


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