Get rid of the Zit

Managing a small pimple on your face becomes insurmountable sometimes and getting rid of it proves futile. Just imagine waking up with a zit on a corner of your face or all over the face, just frustrates you. As puberty kicks in, these problems become common and so taking care of the skin becomes critical. Every suggestion from anyone is like a great help and we try all the tips and the result, even more sensitive and rashes all over the face. So the need of the hour is a product that works wonders on your skin.

Apparently, way back, there wasn’t any cream as such which can cure the zit and so we used to try all natural home remedies. Sometimes it used to work; sometimes it used to make it worse. So it was like a trial and error system. Playing around with the face made it worse. But to be frank, homemade remedies are the best for the skin and it seldom has any side effects. Craving for a baby skin is everyone’s dream and so let me share some tips and home remedies for the same:

  1. Never fiddle with your acne. Touching or pricking the zit makes it spread all over the face in no time. So avoid touching it.
  2. Wash your face frequently. Acne occurs majorly because of oil and dust and so washing your face regularly and frequently keeps the oil away, helping get rid of the skin. But these days, they say washing more than twice can also harm your skin. So, one has to keep that in mind.
  3. Drink oodles of water. It helps in hydrating the skin leaving it clean and clear.
  4. Stay away from stress. Lack of sleep and stress is also a reason for a breakout. Experts say, Stress increase oil production, leaving your skin unhealthy and cloggy. Having said that, Yoga and meditation heals the skin from inside leaving the skin young and glowing.
  5. Never leave your skin unattended after bath. Apply moisturizer or day cream to keep it supple. If you are going out, wear a sunscreen lotion.
  6. Use homemade scrubs, like sugar and honey or oatmeal and honey mask to get rid of the pores. Honey has a natural anti-bacterial property and so is good for treating acne.

So there are endless list of tips and suggestions and it would take a whole book, if I pen down all the tips, I got from my granny and mom and neighbours and all the people around.

So keeping the skin baby soft and alive is just a few steps away and one has to just follow the simple steps to get rid of the irritating zits.


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