A crazy proposal

Love is passionate, love is pure.

Love is a disease that has no cure.

Love is full of sacrifice, yet it takes you to the paradise.

Love is setting free all the inhibitions.

Love is going wacky and making your love feel special.

One just can’t define love in one word. It exists everywhere. It is feeling of togetherness, making someone feel special, a divine feeing, and a feeling of an all new self. They say falling in love is a great feeling, though you lose sleep, though you lose your appetite, though you delve in the thoughts of your paramour and ignore everything around you; still it is a sweet pain which everyone wants to experience once. Life gets a meaning when you have someone beside you, who crazily loves you, who can do the craziest things to express the love for you and who doesn’t care about the world and just wants to see you happy and smiling. That is what the definition of true love is. And honestly, I would do anything to let my partner know how much I love him.

Having said that, I always dreamt of the way I will propose my valentine and this is the best way to reveal the crazy side of me. I saw this movie somewhere and I instantly got connected and believe me tears were rolling down my cheeks throughout the movie.

The story starts with a shopping mall and there is lot of chaos all around, girls going berserk in the apparel shop, guys striking a deal at the gadget store, kids playing, there is so much happiness all around, the food court is jam packed, the multiplexes running houseful. And then out of nowhere the flash mob arrives with the romantic numbers playing on the background.

Ruchi was a simple girl, always smiling and always happy go lucky types. As they say, beauty lies in simplicity, it aptly described her, a simple yet beautiful girl, and every guy would love to have a girlfriend or partner like her.

Ajay was her best friend, and they have been friends from school and they both knew each other’s tastes, likes, dislikes and everything. Being in the final year of college, they had different routes to follow and so Ajay planned something. Ajay was always fond of Ruchi and so was she, but they never spoke their heart out about the feelings they had, for the sheer fear of rejection. And so they conveniently hid their feeling in the mask of friendship. As time was running Ajay felt, he might lose her and so he planned something.

He told Ruchi about the flash mob and he said he wants to propose one of her friends and he asked her for help. Totally oblivious of what is going to happen. She concurred to it. He refused to reveal the name saying, “it is a secret and you are a spoiler and you will tell her”. So wait and watch.  The plan was that around 50 people will appear out of nowhere and while they would perform, at the end, Ajay will propose his girl with a romantic number in the background like “Kuch Kuch Hota hai” types. But how? That was a secret.

While they were practicing for the flash mob, Ruchi would feel a pinch in her heart and she would always think how lucky is the girl who is going to get proposed by Ajay and in the best way.  But hiding the pain, she would tease him. A week passed and then on the D-day, they arrived at the Mall. And then the music started and slowly the mob started appearing. Towards the end, Ruchi was feeling even more anxious and she wanted to know who that lucky girl was.

And then the music changed to a beautiful number “Kuch kuch hota hai”, while all girls were standing in the circle. Ajay made an announcement, with a balloon in his hand, he was walking towards all the girls, “For the most beautiful girl, you have made my life beautiful and added meaning to it. I have fallen for you, right from the time I have seen you, and now I can’t wait to express my feeling.” While saying this he was moving slowly and Ruchi’s heart was beating faster but controlling her emotions she patiently waited to see who the lucky one is.

All girls were asked to close their eyes and as Ruchi closed her eyes, her heart was sinking. And then as she opened her eyes, she saw Ajay on his knees with the balloon right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. He asked her to burst the balloon and as she did, a glittery box appeared and he opened it and to her surprise, there was a diamond ring inside and a note saying “Will you be my valentine”. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she couldn’t believe all this was happening to her and there was no reason to say NO, as she herself was head over heels in love with Ajay. And there were thousands of people witnessing the most romantic and wackiest proposal and everyone became emotional and the whole mall echoed with applauds.

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone’”.

This story kind of went right into my heart and I can never forget this story and if I get a chance I will propose my love the exact same way.


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