Yes I am in love!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, love is in the air. The preparations are in full swing to spend the most romantic day in the most romantic manner in the most romantic place. Some make it simple and just go out on a dinner date, while some go the extra mile and do the wackiest thing to annunciate their love to the world. However, love is always not a fairy tale with everything going hunky dory and there are lot of immolates and sufferings too. Love is divine; it gives pain yet gives pleasure.  It demands sacrifices yet offers intense love in return. Love is not bind by temporal feelings. It is vast than sea, it can tear two worlds apart or it can unite two different worlds together. This small word LOVE can break all the boundaries and also capable of tearing asunder the belief of the people. It is deeper than the ocean and once you dive in, there is no way out. And one has to have the balls to accept in front of the world that Yes!! I am n love!

Neeraj was head over heels in love with Natasha. It was love at first sight for him. Natasha was her neighbour who moved in recently with her family and was studying in the same college. When he first saw her, she looked like an angel and he fell for her instantly. And she indeed was an angel. A decent looking girl who always dressed in Indian attire with a matching bindi and bangles, She looked traditional yet a beauty from inside and outside. She always helped people around and her simple and helping nature made everyone fond of her. Neeraj always wanted to express his love for her, as they travelled to college together. Being the good neighbours that they were, Natasha’s parents trusted Neeraj and doted him. Neeraj as well was a well mannered boy and respected women. SO parents from both sides liked both the kids respectively. However, Natasha liked Neeraj but not that way, he was a very good friend for her. Neeraj On the other hand loved her and just did not have the guts to express his love.

He was a hunk in his college with all the girls behind him, but he was a true one woman man and his focus and his love for that matter was for Natasha. Valentine’s Day was round the corner and Neeraj had a good reason to propose his lady love as it was her birthday too. He decided that he will make her fall in love with him without revealing his identity.

SO as the week started, the first day of the week being Rose day, from morning Natasha was getting a bouquet of roses with different colors with a small note with a romantic one liner and below it was written “Madly In love with you”. She was flummoxed yet flabbergasted with this. In a matter of time, her bedroom was full of roses all around. She kind of enjoyed this attention and was desperate to know who this person was. But there was no way she could find out. Now next day being propose day, again the trend started small gifts or gestures of love for that matter every hour. She was going mad. How can one send gifts every hour and secretly she waited for the gifts and cards.

Now she became desperate and curious to know who this Romeo was. So the whole week, she was loaded with gifts, teddies, chocolates and she thought, “He is crazy” and she longed to meet him. A day before Valentine’s Day, Neeraj came to her and said, “Hey Nats! It’s your birthday tomorrow right? So where are you giving us treat?”  She said, “I haven’t really planned anything, but let me plan something”. “No need, for a change, let us give you a treat; we (the gang) will meet you tomorrow at Ashoka Grande.” She somehow was not in a mood to party, as her mind was revolving around this new guy, who unintentionally made her think about him lately. And this is what Neeraj wanted.

Next day, 14th Feb, she was feeling even lower and was excited about what surprise she will get, she waited till afternoon there was no gift or message or a card for that matter, she felt upset. She got numerous calls from her friends wishing her b’day, but her eyes were only searching for her paramour. Anyways, after continuous insistence from Neeraj, she got ready and was off to the Ashoka grande. Upon reaching, she just saw Neeraj and asked, “Where are the rest of the gang”. He replied, they couldn’t make it and gave some reason. “Hey I have a surprise for you”, he said. Natasha looked dull yet she gave a forced smile and asked, “What is it?” He took her to the terrace, and upon seeing the view, she was spell bound and speechless. The terrace was decorated with flowers and beautiful lighting all around the walls and a table and two chairs was placed with a candle in the middle embellished with a beautiful satin ribbon all around. She was agog at this impressive initiative. Now it was time to reveal the truth and propose his lady love. He pulled the chair and like a perfect gentleman he, with all respect, made her sit. The beautiful evening started with a sumptuous dinner and a delicious cake. After the dinner, he told her, the real surprise is about to come. She felt excited. And with a romantic number on the background, she heard the crackers and the sky flashed a message, “Natasha, Will you be my valentine?” Without her knowledge tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was speechless, even before she could react, he took a ring and like a perfect gentleman, on his knees, he asked her the same question. And then there was no reason to say NO, as she totally and completely fell for him and then later he revealed that all the gifts and card and flowers was given by him. She felt like a princess and was still in a state of shock and triumph at the same time.

A perfect proposal, I guess, the wackiest yet charming way of making your lady fall in love with you without knowing your identity and then finally revealing your identity. And there wouldn’t be any reason to say NO to such a cute and romantic proposal and I can shout on top of my voice and let the world know that, “Yes!! I am in love”

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone


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