Falling in love again with Asus Zenfone

Just like diamonds are for a woman, gadgets I guess are for men. They just go crazy and you see mirth on their face looking at the gadgets. But this time for a change, it was both of us who got berserk with the look of our new gadget. And that was the Asus Zenfone.

It was a beautiful day and a special day indeed being a valentine’s day. It has been a trend of gifting each other on this day as a gesture of love towards each other. Every year we go for a shopping to buy a gift for each other, but this time, I wanted to give him a surprise gift. So I didn’t ask him and neither did he, as he was too preoccupied with his office work and I was pissed off as he hardly spent time with me. Nevertheless, I thought, I will keep the trend going and gift him something special. So after lot of research, I decided to gift him Asus Zenfone 6.

On the Valentine’s Day morning, as I woke up, I saw a gift wrap right beside my pillow. I thought we both will open the wrap together and so I gave him the gift too… As we opened the box, to my surprise it was Asus Zenfone 6!!!!  I was flabbergasted. As I opened the box, I fell in love instantly and the whole day we spent the Valentine’s Day with our respective phones. It was indeed a special valentine. Now let me give you the reason why it was a special valentine with my Asus Zenfone:

  1. Impressive performance: With Intel Atom processor, the performance is perfect, where one can switch to different apps seamlessly and quickly. Also, one can easily run up to four threads at the same time. As they say first impression leaves an impact, likewise, my newly acquired Asus Zenfone just makes me in awe of the look and the performance and simply impresses me with every specification.
  2. Capture the special moments: with the advanced 13 MP HD camera, we can capture the precious moments to relish in future. And which best moment can that be with my valentine than this. I love spending hours together capturing the beautiful day.
  3. Long battery life: On the occasion so special, I just don’t have to search for a socket to keep my phone charged. The long battery life of my new valentine helps me send more and more time without worrying about the world and stick to it the whole day. what else, can one expect, spending a beautiful day with the best valentine so far, and that being the Asus Zenfone.
  4. High quality optical lens: The best part of this beautiful thing is the high quality 5 – element optical formula lens which allows us to capture the finer and minute details in the camera.
  5. Responsiveness: As already discussed, it has a perfect performance without any compromises and one can easily multitask and play unlimited games without a hitch. And so I am totally in love with the responsiveness of my valentine.

So all in all, my valentine’s day or rather our valentine’s day was special in its own way with both of us immersed in the beauty of this new member in our lives.



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