If I had a choice

I ponder sometimes, life would be so beautiful and full if there is no constraint, no fear of the society, and no age constraint either. No one to hold you back and you are free to do whatever. If given a chance and a choice, I would covet to live my life to the fullest as if the world is going to end today. Sometimes I mull as to who has made such restrictions and the so called society. Life is too short to bother about the insignificant things and the societal norms. In order to please the society and the people around, we just forget or postpone our aspirations and dreams and by the time you realize, it will be too late. But as they say, it’s never too late and there has no limit to live your dreams even if it takes going against the society and setting an example. For people who go out of the way and achieve their goal without bothering about the world and the society, there will power and confidence is exemplary.

Having said that, I always imagine, if for once all the constraints are removed and there is no one to hold me back, what are the things, I would like to do. And then I realize there are so many things in my bucket list:

  1. Travelling and travelling: An odyssey around the world has always been my dream. I love travelling, but have never really realized my dream except for travelling once in 2 years again because of the societal constraints and the family restrictions. I would love to spend some quality time with my family at the nature’s lap where no one would be there to disturb, no gadgets, no contact, just me gazing at the beauty of the nature and the sounds of the birds chirping in the silent background. Listening to the roaring of the waterfalls in the silent atmosphere. Spending each and every moment in the beauty of Mother Nature. I really want to realize this dream before I close my eyes.
  2. Change the world: Every day I hear news about rape, murder and other crimes, I wish I had the power to set the things right and change the world. Or, for that matter, has the power to punish the culprit, who roams freely on the democratic society where it takes ages to decide and declare him the culprit and then declare the punishment. I mean when the whole world knows, he is the culprit, then why take ages to decide. I just wish I had the power to punish them right away, so the next time anyone who dares to commit such heinous crimes will think twice before doing so. So yes! I really wish to change the world and the things that work here.
  3. Enjoy my life: I wish to enjoy and party hard like there is no tomorrow. Going for a long drive with family and friends, screaming on top of the voice in the middle of the road like there is no one watching, Doing all the crazy things, wearing every attire that I wished I could wear without restrictions.
  4. Living in an Island: Island has fascinated me all my life and every time I watch a movie, it brings that longing of spending my life in an island away from the crowded city. Calm and serene, that’s what I like. Build a small house in the middle of the island with greenery all around and facing the vast ocean. Oh! The imagination itself makes me go berserk. No tensions, no worries, No responsibilities, no restrictions and no job tensions. All day long looking at the vast ocean and having a hot cup of coffee looking at the sunrise and sunset. The view would be agog and just blissful.
  5. Reduce the price: If I had a choice, I would reduce the price of everything. Be it apparels, Gadgets, Groceries, Cars, real estate. And then Middle class society like ours would not crib for not being able to buy the things which we can’t afford. So all in all shopping would be fun and everyone can enjoy and buy anything and everything.


SO the list is endless and eventually we have the desire intact in our heart, “If I had a choice”. And deep in my heart I believe a day will come when we will be free from all the restrictions and then I can live all the dreams to the full.



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