Bedtime ritual for my little one

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling. The magic touch of the little one makes us feel proud. Her smile makes you forget all the pains you have gone through. Her cooing and screaming never irritates you and when she sleeps, her innocent face just makes you stare at her and a smile automatically comes in your face.

Her cute smile makes me cuddle her tight and just hold her like that for hours together. She never makes me feel tired, in fact gives me oodles of energy. Having said that, Kids really make us busy and everything around becomes insignificant but our kids. Her feeding time, her bathing time and her sleeping time everything becomes more important. We have to adjust to the routine of the baby and accordingly prioritize our work. She makes you feel buoyant all the time.

My baby turned 6 month yesterday and believe me, my life revolves around her. She is the most important person in my life and rest all comes later. Having said that, making a baby sleep is an art and when it comes to sleeping time, every parent has a different routine and the baby conveniently gets adjusted to this ritual in time. Some just sing a lullaby and makes them sleep; some read out a story, while some just put the lights off and make them sleep. Some massage them while some give them a bath and put them to bed. My baby gets active during the night, so I have to prepare her well in advance for bedtime, so here is what I do:

Image result for lullaby

  1. Feeding: before she is off to bed, I make sure I feed her, because she hardly gets up in the middle of the night and in order to have a good night sleep, feeding her full stomach is important.
  2. Nursing and diapering: then I remove her diaper, apply diaper rash cream and then change to a new diaper, change her to her night dress and then put her to the bed.
  1. Lullaby: Finally, I lay her on the bed, or her stroller or the crib and sing a lullaby “Lalla Lalla Lori, Doodh ki katori” till she dozes off. SO the routine is simple yet difficult as the baby sometimes just refuses to sleep and wants to play.she  is the naughtiest and when she is playful, she screams on top of her voice to pick her up. So it is not easy to make your little one sleep, sometimes she stays up till midnight, even if we put off the lights she stays awake and then sleeps off while playing.

But, little ones are the best gift one can ever get. And till the time she is active, we just love every activity of hers, but the day she is dull, we just get exasperated.

But, having a bedtime ritual is a good thing and once the baby gets used to it, she will sleep according to her time. You baby just keeps you on your toes all the time. And a proper routine has to be followed, whether it is feeding or bathing or sleeping. A good night sleep is very important for anyone and for babies it is even more important because they say, kids grow while sleeping and so a proper sleep is very important.


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