Upgrading a car with Quikr NXT

Technology is moving at a very fast pace and with that, every second a new product is launched or an improved version is upgraded giving immense choice for the people to select the best. Without fretting much about the price and an outdated version, one can now easily upgrade their products without costing a bomb in your pocket.

Buying a car too has become easy and with just at the click of a button, we can now upgrade our car to a more luxurious and more spacious car. If given a chance and money of course I would definitely opt for Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar or Audi, for that matter..:P.  But since we have to upgrade from the existing options and that too in Quikr, let me check how can I replace my existing car from a better one. Wait a minute! We do have second-hand some luxury cars and I don’t mind buying a second-hand car if it is an Audi, Bentley, or BMW or Jaguar.

But, frankly speaking, I have been mulling about selling my existing car which is Hyundai I10 to a better and spacious car, as our family has increased and long drives are feasible only in a more spacious ones so whenever we go out, we rent a bigger car. To curb the cost of renting a car even when we have one our self, I decided to upgrade my car.

So, I went to the showroom where I actually bought my car and asked the dealer, how much I would get if I sell it. It was in very good condition and so he said, 3.4 lakhs, which was a very good deal and we can add some more cash and buy a better car.

I have always thought that, when you like something, you should hold yourself back and so, I decided to do some research on which car would be better and approved by my husband. SO I asked him for a budget and he said 8 lakhs is the maximum I can put. So I started my full-fledged search and since Quikr NXT was something, I heard from most of my friends and without calling the buyer, I can get all the details through chat, I was impressed and couldn’t wait to explore and experience the new QUIKR NXT. So I started my ground work.

First, I started my search by giving my budget as 8 lakhs and location as Bangalore. Glut of options popped in and I got even more confused, but then as the choice was mine and my husband said, look for less number of kilometers run and a brand of course, I filtered my search to the brands I liked. SO, here is what I got:


The Skoda Rapid has always been my fascination and so this was the first on my list and since it has run just 19500 and well within our budget of 5,75,000, I instantly jotted down the details. However, I was asked to list some more cars and then select the best one with the best deal.


As already mentioned, if I get a second-hand Audi with a good deal, We would instantly buy that. SO here I got a great deal of 6, 90,000 with 43000 kms run. This was OK for a high-end model.

SO after chatting through QUIKR NXT to the prospective sellers, we zeros in on Audi, which we never get at the above prise and so we checked all the details through the chat and after satisfied with the condition, kms run and prise, we decided we would buy Audi, at the prise of 3, 50,000 (selling our car too at Quikr NXT) .And believe me, it has adorned my place and added a look to it..  and so here we are the proud owner of a car which, we thought we could never ever buy, because of the prise, but Thanks to Quikr NXT, we could get the best deal for the car of my dream and now, I totally love it and its suspension is awesome and very spacious and a luxurious look and feel too.

So all in all, upgrading my old car to a car of my dream has been possible only because of Quikr NXT.



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