Don’t let your dream shatter

Life is unpredictable and we tend to ignore the fact that today people are around us helping and supporting but the fact of the matter is not every time our loved ones are around and at some point in time, we have to stop being dependent or relying on others . There comes a time in life, where you have to take your own decision whether for good or for bad without using other’s brains. So let your family take decisions and become independent. We all learn from our mistakes. SO fretting about failure and running away from arduous times makes you even weaker. So facing every situation as they come without depending on others is what makes us stronger as a person.

Right from our childhood, I reminisce, my parents used to always teach us to do our work by our self without depending on others. It is their teachings and constant pushing which made us stronger as a person and made us capable of taking our decisions. Whatever we do, they feel proud that their values have paid off. An Iota of success makes them so proud and they keep bragging about it to anyone and everyone. They would fight all odds to give us the best education, and life for that matter. And it’s about time; we prove them that their upbringing was what made us confident as a person, that we are in our lives.

Right from my childhood, I was my parents favorite because I was the youngest of the three sisters and that made me take advantage of lot of things. I never stayed away from my parents and even the thought of it made me nervous. As soon as I completed my degree, my parents just left the decision on me as which field I want to go for and what career option I want to choose, they never interfered, though they gave their suggestions. However, I took 1 year break for CAT, that too because one of my friend was doing so and I always took decision based on what my friends took, and that is what my parents’ didn’t want me to do. They wanted me take my own decision without depending on others. But they wanted me to realize that.

Finally, I got a call letter from Bangalore MS Ramaiyya Institute, but, as a fool I rejected the offer and opted for a college in Bhopal itself. My parents didn’t scold me or forced their decision on me. But I was doing mistake after mistake. I took an admission in a college in Bhopal, and after 3 months, its affiliation got cancelled and everyone had to leave the college and In the middle of the semester I reached a dead end. I can’t take admission in any other B-school in the middle of the session and I had to wait for another 6 months. I already had a break of 1 year. I couldn’t afford to lose another 6 months. I realized what a blunder I did with my education and now I was at a dead end. Even then my parents didn’t scold me. My mom always used to say, mistakes and failures make you even stronger and it will urge you to do better every time you fall. Just a small kid learns to walk and falls every time, but he tries and tries till he stands confidently on his foot and walks. Likewise, failures are the stepping stone to success

Now it was time for a serious decision. However, I decided to go for correspondence MBA, as that was the only option I could think of and in the meanwhile I can start searching for a job simultaneously..

So finally, I enrolled for a correspondence MBA, and started searching for a job. And finally I got a job In Hyderabad. I was skeptical on taking up this job, as I had to leave my parents and go and that kind of pulled me back. It was then that my parents forced me to take up the job and become independent. Not every time we will be around and you have to, at some point, take a hard decision, and this is it. Now don’t let your dream shatter, and take a decision.

For the first time I took a right decision and with my correspondence MBA programme running simultaneously, I started working in a totally strange city away from my parents. But this decision did make me smart enough to face the hardships and face the outside world. Though the guidance comes from home and their continuous pressure compelled me to become independent and take a right decision.

A lesson learnt that, leave the decision on your kids and let them become independent. Guidance will always be there, but decision is theirs.

Apno ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao.

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