World cup: do or die situation

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An arena of horde cheering at the stadium “INDIA INDIA “And the players all boosted with the cheering of the fans, giving their best, striving to thrive every match with flying colors.

With the world cup fever rising high, people are glued to their television cheering their favorite team. And why not, after all, it’s a game which is an all generation favorite. And when it is world cup, you ought to be an avid follower. Having said that, I have never been an ardent follower or a fan of cricket, but when it was an India Pakistan Match, I would not miss a minute. I guess that’s something which everyone follows, no matter where they are and what they are doing. And it’s the last few over’s where you can see me biting the nails and praying hard, and it just keeps my blood pressure high.

Apparently, Cricket has drastically changed or improved drastically over the years. The nostalgic world cup of 1983 won against West Indies made Kapil Dev the star overnight. He truly was an all rounder. Then there was a time when Indian cricket team was at its lowest, losing most of the matches whether ODI or Test matches.  Then the 2011 world cup against Sri Lanka and that was the most emotional moment for the GOD OF CRICKET, Sachin Tendulkar and a proud moment for Indians too. And we relished this moment for quite some time. And then the all new team of players playing exceptionally good and making a place for them self in the world championship.

So Performance is what has made us come a long way and it is this performance which showcases the calibre of the players. So no doubt that, it has drastically increased or improved over the years. Looking at the performance of the T20s, Virat Kohli stands numero Uno in the top batsmen ranking on the scale of 1 to 10.

Coming to the top bowlers, West Indies takes the first 2 ranks and Sri Lanka the 3rd position, And Ravichandran Ashwin on the 4th position and the rest follows. So clearly West Indies and Sri Lanka has the best bowlers.

top bowlers

Coming to all best teams, India takes a 2nd position which is commendable.

top team

So, you see the performance varies, but I must say, over the years India has taken a giant leap and it’s not long when we stand number one in every aspect. And looking at this World cup match, so far; India has won over its rival teams and has attained a position. And we just hope this time too India brings the World Cup 2015 trophy. SO it’s a do or Die situation. So GO INDIA, BLEED BLUE!


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