Dry baby, happy baby

Kids just make your world so full of happiness and joy.  Your house, which was ones so void, now looks so full with constant sounds of the baby, laughing, cooing, crying, and giggling. And they always keep you on your toes, running behind them, changing their diaper, feeding them, playing with them. They just give you that new energy every time you look at them. Their smile just makes you go berserk.

And the grandiosity of the having a kid, is when you put on all the effort to just make your little one happy. Just to bring a smile on their face, you have to make funny faces and noises and when she giggles to those noises, you feel so proud and happy.

There are trivial things which make our babies happy. Whether cuddling her to the chest and singing a song to her, or singing rhymes or poems. Whether making her play with her favourite toys or just encouraging her when she tries something different. Or making funny noises and faces which makes her giggle and you can see happiness brimming from her beaming eyes and wide smile.

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Well with my 6 month old daughter, everything is different. I have to think differently and think about different games every time. No old game works for her. She loves her small elephant which whenever I keep it beside her, she becomes so happy and just jumps on her place. And when I press that toy, it makes noises, and this makes her happier.

Then she loves playing with her fluffy teddy bear and talks to it with her own language. She is super happy when we take her out. She makes noises and looking at the colourful things she gets excited.

Sometimes she just loves listening to her favoritee songs. And when she is happy and excited she would start making noises and singing along with me (As in not singing but tuning with me).

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So lot of things make her happy, but on top of that what kicks in the happy mood are dry diapers and a full tummy. . If the baby is comfortable and dry all the time, she will be happy otherwise she will be cranky all the time. Let me share an incident, I was using pampers right from my baby’s birth. One fine day, my baby was cranky the whole day and she would refuse to drink milk or sleep for that matter. I couldn’t understand her uneasiness. After sometime, I realized, I had changed her to a new brand of diaper and may be that is causing uneasiness because she was used to pampers diaper right from the beginning. SO I checked her diaper and to my surprise, I saw her diaper totally drenched, Just 15 minutes back I changed her diaper. And her bed was totally wet and that was causing uneasiness.

When I was using pampers, this never happened and she would always be a happy baby playing and smiling all the time. Then I realized why dry baby is happy baby.



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