A change for good

Sometimes life is so full of inhibitions that we relinquish the dreams or aspirations in life and just go with the flow. Or rather, we just don’t want to come out of our comfort zone to try something different or chase our dreams, for that matter. But on the flip side, Life is all about change. There ain’t any thrill without changes. Some changes are for good, while some give a lesson of life, while many more makes us independent or give us confidence to challenge the change in our lives. So changes are an integral part of our life. While we take examples of all the great leaders, who went the extra mile and created a history, there are people like us, who don’t create history though, but of course a small change teaches us a lesson in life and that is for good.

Coming from a middle class family and small town in the central India (Madhya Pradesh), life was pretty much the same since childhood. But only after I moved from the city for a better career and education for that matter, life changed altogether. There were lot of changes in my life, emotionally and culturally. Hyderabad, Is a city for all, but initially I was totally home sick.  Different people, different language and different culture altogether, the decision of moving to Hyderabad was totally mine. With a Job in hand, I was happy that I will be moving to a place totally strange to me, but I will grow up to face the world finally.

Initial days were spent just crying and cribbing for the decision I took, as I was not able to adjust to the people and environment here. But with my grandma with me, I felt secured to an extent. But accepting the challenge, I decided to stay strong. Fortunately, my parents have always been supporting, and that helped me cope with the changes in life.

I was doing great in my new job. I stayed with my relatives there. Since my uncle was into real estate business,I thought why not invest in real estate . As I had quite a few savings so far, this would be a wise decision and it will be an asset all my life. After consulting my family,I  decided to go ahead and asked my uncle to invest in the best venture. And so he did.

But unfortunately, there was a major slump in the real estate right after I invested the money. And this came as a shocker to me. All the hard earned money went into the drain. I was feeling betrayed. The loss of hard earned money is exasperating.  I went into depression and it started affecting my job and health. My sanity was at stake .I wasn’t able to concentrate on my job any more  and my health was deteriorating mentally and physically. And so without giving  a second thought I left the job.

But as they say, once you get a taste of freedom, you just can’t live on inhibitions. That’s what happened. I didn’t realize this there, but once back in Bhopal, I started missing my job, my new friends, and my freedom and even more my money which was invested in the wrong venture. But I had to take a hard decision, as I can’t always depend on my parents and someday I have to accept the change and face the ground reality.

This time, I was firm on my decision and I decided to take up a new job and accept the change. Now I decided to forget about the money lost and concentrate on my job and I will buy the best house someday. Months passed and I started working harder and kept myself busy.

Since my childhood, my parents taught me not to spend money lavishly and someday it would come handy. And so it did. One fine day, my uncle came up to me and gave me good news that was a ray of hope for me. The builder was giving a villa at the same rate in a different locality to those who have lost money in that particular venture.  Now that was a bumper offer. I never thought, I will get my money back or I would be able to buy a villa of my own. After a lot of downfall in life, it was time to celebrate. The little money that I saved helped me buy a villa of my own. I hardly paid 2 months EMI and then I got married and the EMI part was taken over by my husband. Now we proudly flaunt the house of our own. My husband proudly tells everyone, how I bought the house and that makes me feel happier.

Well! It takes courage to take a bold decision. Yes! I did and  this decision has changed our life completely. Now I feel, taking a decision of moving to Hyderabad, then buying a house has been a change for good and I feel proud of accepting the change. So #StartANewLife  with the changes in life.



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