The power of being together

In the pursuit of happiness sometimes we forget to enjoy the smallest of joyous moments in our life. These are the moments that adorn our life with memories never to forget unlike the monetary pleasure which lasts only till the money lasts and again the race to chase the money begins from scratch.   Happiness not just comes from luxury or momentary possessions, but sometimes Meeting your dear friend afters years, or spending time with your family members, or just having a sumptuous dinner with the one you love the most, brings in the feeling of togetherness and happiness follows.

Having said that, there comes a circumstance in life where you need the support of your loved once and that support gives you immense strength to move on with optimism and a look up for the future. When someone is by our side all the difficulties look easy to face. Whether it is going to school for the first time, and our parents by our side supporting us or leaving the family for the first time and going to another city or getting married and moving to a different family altogether and that one sentence “Everything will be alright”, brings in a ray of hope and positivity all around. . This brings in optimism by itself.

Coming from a middle class family and married to one, life was pretty much smooth and normal like any other middle class family. A loving and supporting husband, He has always been my backbone. Before marriage I was working in a call centre and I wanted to do a job post marriage. And so does my husband. So my search for a job started, not in a call centre but in an altogether different field, HR.

I still remember my very first interview for a very first job. I was nervous like a baby going to the school for the first time. I didn’t know anything about HR, but because my husband told me, “There’s nothing wrong in trying”. So I did. The interview went really well and I was super confident that I will get selected. Because I did my homework really well. I was waiting at the reception, when the HR came to me and said, “We will get back to you”. I understood that I was not selected.

I was totally shocked and sad. My husband stood beside me all this while and he said only one thing, “This is just the beginning and I am sure, you will get a better job. And this was just a trial. This is not the end of the world.” I was happy that he supported me, but sad that I couldn’t make it.

To keep my mood good, he booked 2 tickets of a nice movie. It really worked; I forgot half my tension and the other half were compensated with a sumptuous candle light dinner and then a long drive. I still can’t forget that day. His support gave me immense strength and gave me a reason to look up to life. And of course optimism that I will get a better job and I did. Later that month, I got selected in a very good company with a good salary.

So the crux of the story is, sometimes we don’t need advice but just a hand of support to make us realize that “we are there for you”, is more than enough to face all the hurdles. And this is the power of togetherness.


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