Patience is what I need

Well! To start with, motherhood is a beautiful feeling and we just enjoy and cherish each and every moment to the core. Initial months we are avid and full of energy but as the kids grow the real test of patience starts.

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My little angel Priya turned 8 months and now her naughtiness is evident. While her activities are something which I enjoy the most, like, screaming and blabbering something incessantly, pretending to cry when not a drop of tear comes and as soon as I am there, she will give a big smile with a gleam in her eyes. Sometimes her giddy activities just make me so proud. Lately, she has tried jumping on things to get access to it. The other day I was talking to my mom on phone and as soon as I finished, I kept the phone on the bed. All this while, this little monkey was observing me and was trying to take the phone by pulling my hand. So when I kept the phone on the bed, she jumped like a monkey on to my phone and within seconds she was on my phone trying to figure out this strange thing and where does the sound comes from.

But till the time they are playful, we are happy, but sometimes when they are cranky and they can’t say anything, we are upset too. Yesterday evening I took her for a walk on the apartment premises. After 15 minutes, I came back, because she was sleepy. As soon as I came home, she started crying out loud. I couldn’t understand why she was crying. I tried to make her sleep, sing a lullaby, put her on the cradle, but all my effort went in drain. She was crying continuously and her throat became dry and was coughing and crying. I thought maybe she has stomach pain and gave her gripe water, but nothing worked. Her crying didn’t stop. Without understanding anything, I called my mom and broke down. She asked me to calm down and try to make her sleep. But I was doing that. Almost for half an hour she was crying and I couldn’t see her cry. In fact this was the first time she was behaving this way and I was worried. So I thought will go to the corridor and try to calm her down. As soon as I opened the door, to my surprise, she stopped crying and was all happy. I was flabbergasted, all this while she was crying because I came home? Oh Silly girl! I thought. After sometime when I came back home, she again started crying. Now I understood her tactics. So I took her to my friend’s house and spent some time there and then came back. Now she felt better and was back to normal.

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But one thing I understood, whatever is the reason, when the infants are cranky and adamant, we have to have lot of patience. Not understanding the reason, if we lose patience, the matter will worsen and baby will become crankier. And so patience is all we need when we have a baby at home and gradually we will get used to all this and would be able to tackle things easily.


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