Happiness lies in small things

I ponder Sometimes we spend the whole life in pursuit of the happiness and ignore the small moments of triumph. But the happiness that we have been searching for all this while comes in installments and we have to find them on these small yet beautiful moments. There are simple things that make us happy. Whether it is spending time with your loved ones, or making a delectable meal for your family, or just looking at your kids smile or blabbering something in their language. So there are innumerable things or moments in our day to day life which makes us feel happy and proud at the same time.

But there are some people who find happiness in making others smile and happy, while there are others who find happiness in just staying home with the family on a lousy Sunday. Well for me the list is endless. Let me share some:

  1. My baby: Nothing makes a mother happier than to see her baby grow. For me too that is the biggest happiness. To see my 7 month old trying to speak one or two words, to see her imitate me when I make some hand gestures, to sing a lullaby along with me, to scream on top her voice when she doesn’t see me around, to see her smile on the silliest things we do and the funniest expressions we make. . So my baby is the first and foremost reason of happiness in my life.
  2. Spending quality time with family and friends: People these days are so busy that they hardly get time to spend with family and friends. For me happiness is spending time with my family and friends.While sometimes I do like to stay alone, Just on my own with no one to disturb and pouring my heart out in my blogs makes me happy too. And the peace of mind keeps you relaxed and serene.
  1. Eating pakoras in a rainy day: Yes! Who doesn’t like it? I love eating pakoras with a hot steaming cup of tea/coffee, sitting at the balcony watching the rains and enjoying the beautiful whether and relishing the hot pakoras. I just love to watch the rains and it makes me happy.
  2. Going on a vacation: Vacation is something which makes me excited all the time. And when I feel low, even a small vacation makes me forget all the tensions and enjoy the beauty of the place. Again a lovely weather and a picturesque beauty and family around, what else one can ask for? This is the time we enjoy our life to the peak and this is a moment of glee.
  3. Shopping: Who doesn’t love shopping? It is an instant stress buster for people like us and makes us happy. It could be online shopping or outside shopping. Trying different apparels in the trial room and then buying some real cool stuff always makes me happy. I wish I had so much money that I could shop 24/7. I am sure we don’t get tired of shopping and that is a small dose of happiness in our life.
  4. Dinner date: Going out on a dinner date with my husband and enjoying the sumptuous dinner also makes me happy. Skip making a dinner sometimes makes us happy and recharged at the same time.
  5. Making a delectable meal: Again nothing is makes me happier than to make a luxuries and delectable meal once a week. I love trying out different varieties. And cooking does make me happy. Though sometimes it’s boring too. But in a nut shell, yes I love making delicious meal once in a while for a change and it makes me absolutely thrilled and happy.

So the list is endless and these are small things in life where happiness lies and one doesn’t have to chase their life in the pursuit of happiness. On this super busy world, spending little time on the things which we love the most gives us extreme happiness and that is the Mantra of life.



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