Kellogg’s wale Guptaji ka nashta

I reminisce when I was a kid, I used to ask for variety of snacks and breakfast everyday and if I didn’t like any, I would not eat lunch in school that day. Poor mom used to make different varieties, but still we were so choosy. Back then we had limited options though. But even a bread jam would gratify us, as long as it wasn’t repeated twice a week. But these days’ kids are choosier than we were and with so many options in market, they want everything special and yummy at the same time. And Now I realize. How mom used to feel when we used to bother her so much.

However, when you have so many options to eat, life becomes so easy and tension free. For me the race of making variety of snacks and breakfast never ends. Every morning, I have to spend quite some time thinking what to make for breakfast and snacks. And my head starts spinning at the thought of what should I make. Well! All said and done, I wish I had a magic wand and without much effort and time, I could make variety of snacks and breakfast every day. But wait! I think I do or DO I!

My family doesn’t like Kellogg’s at all, but I think I found a solution to that problem as well. I was browsing through some really healthy snacks, and I found this link

I instantly wanted to visit #kelloggsWaleGuptaji. I must say, #KellogsWaleGuptaji is lucky enough. They eat wide variety of breakfasts and snacks with great deal of recipes to try and one won’t get tired too and it’s Easy to make and less time consuming. The yummy recipes of Kellogg’s made me instantly try some. And the healthy yet tasty breakfast kept everyone happy and all smiles.  And then my binge to prepare tasty breakfast begins with a glut of varieties and options.

Some of my favorite recipes are:

  1. Jagah Banane wala Nashta:  healthy bananas and refreshing strawberries will definitely make your day. Kick start your day with this perfect Nashta and I am sure, your family won’t say no to Kellogg’s anymore.
  2. Best family wala Nashta: For us breakfast means family time. And what else can make your family happy with tasty flavors and apples. You must try this. It keeps you full yet light and healthy from inside. 
  3. Movie wala Nashta: Planning to watch a movie together in your home theatre? Well nothing can compensate a healthy snack along with your movie. 

The list is endless, but the reason I would like to visit #KelloggsWaleGuptaji would be:

  1. Wide range of recipes: I think most of us will agree to this. That Guptaji and family enjoys simple yet sumptuous and healthy breakfast daily and they have a wide range of recipe to try every day. And I would definitely like to know their secret recipes.
  2. No compromise with health: A healthy breakfast means a healthy you, and so they never compromise on health and always have healthy breakfast. I guess, in this fast food era, people sometimes have to try healthy snacks, and believe me it is not all that bad. In fact it’s Yum.

So in a nutshell, I would definitely want to visit and try Kellogg’s’ wale Guptaji ka Nashta someday. SO Guptaji! We are coming!


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