The deodorant ads

I fail to understand the motif behind those deodorant ads. Gas no gas is fine but girls all over the model. What does a woman has to do in all the men’s deodorant ads. Some just coming out of the beach as soon as a man applies deodorant, while some just go on a wild imagination while some just can’t wait to go to their room and start the act right from an escalator itself. Does this from any angel look like a deodorant ad? And the message that it shows is, if you don’t apply deodorants, you lose all the fun and you are not a man enough and you can’t seduce a girl. This is a direct attack to all the men.

I wonder when there weren’t these deodorants, were they not married or had girlfriends?  And some ads are so seductive that we get confused if it’s a deodorant ad or a condom ad. And watching these or any ads with your kids becomes embarrassing. You can’t explain them what they are up to and tomorrow when they grow up watching these ads, they will ask and imagine things to happen the way they show in ads.

A sheer way to fool the public! I mean c’mon, you can always make some decent ads for deodorants! I mean what does a deo do? Helps us get rid of bad odour and keeps us fresh all day long. And by the ads, do you find anything close to what it does? No! It has become more of a sex appeal and seduction.  Let’s take a dig on some of these ads and try to figure out whether it’s a deodorant ad or not:

  1. The engage deo ads: from beginning till the end I look for what exactly is the ad about and what the message is behind. It doesn’t at all look like a deodorant ad. Again it makes us think whether it’s a condom ad or a deodorant ad.   There is one more ad of the same brand where the couple is all over each other at an escalator of a mall. I mean get some place if you are so desperate. Do you think making these kinds of ads will attract more customers? Ya may be! It’s a good business for condom companies. And they must be thanking you for the same.                      
  2. Wild stone: till sometime back, there were these ads of wild stone which was wilder than an A grade movie. Like the Durga puja ad. In the middle of the Durga puja, this lady gets seductive thoughts about a man who applies Wild stone deo and then suddenly in her imagination they are in a bed together making love. The ad says it all.  an insult to our culture.

     Thankfully this ad has been banned. Otherwise by now they would have delivered quite a few babies too using wild stone instead of condoms. 

  3. Cobra deo ad: The worst and most seductive ad I have ever seen. Touching a deodorant makes it bigger and bigger. And then it can’t handle the stroking and the spray comes out breaking loose the cap.  It cannot be more direct than this.  Such a cocky ad. The maker would have been another desperate man for a “Hand job”.

But all said and done there are some decent deodorant ads too looking at which we understand at least that it’s a deo ad and not any other ad to promote sex. But a major chunk of ads that we see, there is one question that always hover around my mind as to what’s with these  ads and why is it losing its motif and promoting things which ain’t ethical.

Having said that, end of the day its their way of making money, and can stoop down to any level to attract the customers. but surely not this way. This doesn’t attract customers but surely makes us think twice before using the brand.

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”


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