Leading child specialist in Coimbatore

Well! Kids make our life expedient, lively and going.  They keep us on our toes all the time, but the constant urge to keep them healthy and happy, just makes us forget all the hard work and the exertion that we go through all day long.  I guess that’s why they say, kids are the best gift one can get. A healthy child makes a happy home. As long as your kids are healthy and active, you are full of energy. But even if a kid falls sick with a simple cold, makes you dull and unhappy. Just today, my 7 month old daughter was coughing and sneezing and was a little dull. And believe me, I didn’t feel like doing anything but just stay by her side and make her smile or playful. Thankfully after few hours she was back to normal screaming and playing and that is when I felt relieved. I ponder how kids affect your world. If they are healthy, you feel healthy from inside. And if they are sick or dull for any reason, you feel dull from inside. Having said that, no parents want a situation or condition where we have to take our kids to the paediatrician, except for the regular check-ups and vaccinations. But, again health is something which is unpredictable and a little weather change makes them sick sometimes. SO you never know when you might need the help of a paediatrician. And it is always better safe than sorry. SO it’s always better to get the information of the child specialist than to search for them at the eleventh hour. So, let me list out some child specialists in Coimbatore :

  1. Masonic Medical centre for children: Located at racecourse road, this is one of the most famous hospitals taking care of the kids’ health. It’s a charitable hospital, well equipped with state of the art facilities taking care of all the health issues and also complicated and emergency cases 24/7 with experts available at your service all the time.
  2. Coimbatore child trust hospital (CCTH): Their baby friendly medical team are always available to address the health needs and it is well equipped to handle all the paediatric emergencies.
  3. Kovai Kids clinic: A clinic exclusively for kids and it takes care of the common queries that parents have regarding their kid’s health, vaccination, nutrition etc. They offer comprehensive, pro-active, and personal paediatric and newborn care. They take care of children from birth till 18 years. They have the best and expert professionals available. some of the services they offer are:
  • Newborn care and newborn screening
  • Paediatric preventive care and screening
  • Vaccination services
  • Behaviour and Growth Assessment
  • Obesity care and diet counselling
  • Allergy and Asthma care
  • Onsite Pharmacy
  1. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH): The paediatric department of the hospital is equipped to handle routine and complex paediatric and neonatal cases. And it offers a wide range of sub specialty services.
  2. PSG Hospital: The Paediatric department at PSG provides :
    • State-of-the-art paediatric intensive care unit
    • Well-equipped neonatal intensive care unit
    • Paediatric Gastroenterology
    • 24 hour emergency services for children
    • Outpatient Services

So in a nutshell, as long as you have expert pediatrician and neonatologists, your kids are in safe hands and the onus of taking care of them is totally on their hands. And when we have such experts across the country, your pursuit for best paediatricians in Coimbatore ends here.


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