They made the country proud, it’s our turn now

India is a country which has glut of talent in every field. Over the years, we have experienced and praised some sports and it provides a sense of grandeur to our country, while some has just been forgotten by the people or has been put under the carpet. The reason could be lack of popularity or interest of the people. But whatever it is sports are sports and it has to be given the place that it deserves.

Talking about sports person, India is proud to have been associated with some great leaders in this field, like Sachin Tendulkar, Sanya Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Anand Vishwanathan and many more. The nation adorns and exalts them. But, there are some sportsmen or women who won a medal for the country and now, they struggle to get a place in the hearts of the people and thus struggle to raise funds for their family or self. Eerily, the problem with us humans is that we exalt a talent once they win big or bring on a medal for the country and in no time, we forget their achievements and their contribution. And then these talents and the medals are left to rust in the dust. And they are expected to assimilate the indifference. But who is to be blamed. The lackadaisical attitude of the officials or the false promises of the politicians or us the public? Having being forgotten about the sacrifices they have done to get to this level or for the will power they have to do anything for the country is the biggest blunder we have done and  so I think we all are to be blamed.

Having said that, there are innumerable talents out there waiting for one vote to get a place in the society or the place they have been struggling for. And JSW has initiated this move to honour the heroes of India, not only in sports, but in many other fields and their mettle and will power has made them stand where they are today and they deserve the respect they have been longing for.

  1. Rajkumar Tiwari: India’s lone gold medal winner for Ice skating, Rajkumar’s dream is to represent India at the winter Olympics. But his dream can remain dream due to the lack of funds. Diagnosed with moderate mental retardation and hyperactivity disorder at an early age, Rajkumar won Gold in the singles and silver in pairs in the Special Olympics last year. But his dream to compete and do something for the country has come to a halt due to lack of funds.

Rajkumar has been reduced to selling goods to pile up some money to replicate his dream. Coming from a poor family, where his father is a street hawker and the entire family depending on the meagre income that he gets from his small shop. He finds it impossible to live his dreams. And now he is competing in regular events, and he needs Rs. 70,000 for a tournament in Malaysia, but he has not been able to manage the funds. And so his career might come to an end, because of the same. But still he is fighting his battle and trying to work day in and day out to save some money to convert his dream to reality.

But I think, if every individual try to help him, he surely can replicate his dream and make the nation proud. It’s all about will power and passion to do something for the nation and that is clearly visible in his eyes.

I’m voting for Rajkumar Tiwari’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on Blogadda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


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