Blogmint: Totally in love

Well! What should I say? It has not been long that I am associated with Blogmint. But I have totally fallen in love with them. I came across the site in twitter shared by a co – blogger. And I instantly, registered myself. It is very user friendly, easy to understand and they help you in every stage till the final submission, which is what, makes them unique.  Their team is always on their toes to help us at any given point in time. Their campaigns are cool and the payment system is super fast.

Being a blogger, we expect instant responses and instant payments. And this is the first ever platform, where everything is quick. And that is what keeps your spirits high and your morale boosted. A website which gives a chance to all the bloggers whether budding or professional and everyone is equal. Not forgetting the unprecedented work of the team in large for involving and encouraging all the bloggers. However, the best feature/features of  Blogmint that I like the most is the campaign page. Details of the campaigns and the rules everything is crystal clear even for a naive bloggers and that makes it easier for us to understand what are the pre-requisites of the blog they are expecting:



All in all, I totally love this association with Blogmint and as a token of appreciation; this is a small testimonial from my side.


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