Sharing the load

In today’s day and age where you see women working shoulder to shoulder with men, there are some old fashioned men who still believes that lying on the couch and watching TV whole day long is the trait of a true man. And watching the woman struggling with the household errands and running around the house to match up with the timings of everyone in the house and feeling proud about how you have managed to ruin her life is again a typical trait of the men from ages.

The problem in the Indian society is that even if the male member of the family wants to help his spouse, there are these elderly people who would tell him the rules and stop him from doing even the little that he does. And that irks the frustration. Irrespective of whether the woman is working or a house wife, at some point she also needs a break and this frustration shows in her behavior. She becomes cranky, naggy and stressed too. As per research, the major reason why women fall sick frequently compared to men is because of constant stress, physical as well as mental. And who else than her better half can understand. It’s just a matter of understanding and sharing the load.

While a lot has changed and men these days also lend a helping hand in the chores, however, the percentage could be an Iota of the population. But there still exist people, who are chauvinists and just can’t bend or adjust. It a matter of their pride, especially in front of their relatives or friends and that is what stops them from lending helping hand but watch their spouse struggling and running around . End of the day she is not your servant but your better half and she has equal right to relax and seek help..

Having said that, when a woman can help in curbing the financial burden on the husband, why a man can’t help in curbing the household burden, they just expect a small gesture of care and taking the onus of the family. Every woman wants to spend a nice weekend with family, with husband helping in the kitchen or other household chores and other family members too helping around on the small things and this makes work fun and easy and there is a sense of togetherness and a feeling that we are family.  So helping each other keeps most of the frictions away and is a secret to a happy family. As they say, The Mantra to a happy married life is to share the load and let your spouse know that you genuinely care.

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