It’s fun to share the load

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association withAriel.”

Well, they say revolution has happened, but not really! We have a long way to go to change the age old beliefs, rules and the old fashioned rituals. Yes the efforts are being made to row the boat in the opposite direction and a lot has changed. But, earlier it was totally different and some even try to bring in the same rule.  They say, a husband is not supposed to even lift a glass and it is the duty of the wife to come and do so… Even if she is ill, she is not supposed to rest and take care of the family and do all the chores. For God’s sake! She is a member of the family and not a servant. She expects a little respect from you. End of the day she is your better half and the promise that you will look after her for the rest of the life should be followed.

Every girl expects her husband to be like her dad. She is a princess to her dad and will continue to be so. But poor girl that she is, she expects the same love and affection from her husband or the family members. If you cannot give that, at least don’t break her heart by treating like a servant. And there are some male members of the family, who blindly follow what their parents or mother say, without even using their brain; or rather they don’t have one.

Just today, my husband said, “I will help bathe my 9 month old daughter”, instantly my mother in law jumped and said.” no she is a girl you shouldn’t do that. Let her mother do that and you are not supposed to see your daughter like that”. I had an argument with her and finally, I had to bend to this nonsensical rule. Not because my husband refused to do it, but because I didn’t wanted to create a scene there. But I and my husband fought on this. These are the reasons of the tiff between husband and wife. However, my husband helps me a lot and there is no doubt about it. But there are people who blindly follow what their parents say and the wife has to incessantly work and do the chores without expecting any help from her husband.

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A lot has changed with time mainly because of the trend of nuclear family. Comparatively, there is a lot of understanding and that is what is needed. Having said that, it is not about joint or nuclear family, it is all about understanding each other and just a small help can bring a smile on your wife’s face and she will keep boasting about it to everyone. She doesn’t expect you to take over all the work that she does. Just a helping hand and an assurance that,” Don’t worry, I am there” will bring in immense confidence in her.

So, it is all about understanding and working together. Believe me it’s always fun to work together. One should even include kids in the small chores and allotting work will lessen the burden and bring the family together.

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