#EkNayiLeague by Kapil Dev

A lot has been talked about the #EkNayiLeague by Kapil Dev. While the whole nation is clueless about what this league could be. Some says it could be a new cricket league like the IPL while some say it could be a game show. I am equally clueless on this. But let’s dig deeper and try to solve this riddle of the new League.

Having said that, Cricket is a game for all and the whole nation follows and celebrates the victory like another big festival. This is one such game which brings in the nation together irrespective of the religion, caste, creed or sex.  We stand by at the time of defeat and celebrate the victory. We feel proud that India has some great legendary players like kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more and we can’t imagine a game without them. More so because of the fact that they have always made us proud and that is the reason this is one such game which is worshipped by one and all. And that’s why it is called the gentlemen’s game.

Talking about Kapil dev, he is the best all-rounder cricketer India has ever produced. He was India’s first captain to bring the world cup. And winning the world cup for the nation was a jewel in his cap. HE was never quite in the limelight for unnecessary things and he only focused on his game. A sudden appearance in the limelight with twitter and his mysterious new league is making everyone scratch their head.

His debut in the Twitter bandwagon recently is the talk of the town and he was equally thrilled to announce to the nation saying, “Ab main finally Twitter par hoon. Yahan khoob saari baatein karengay aur aap se samay samay par information share karunga.”

But wait! What is he up to now! With the terms he is using, looks like it is something related to cricket or other games for that matter.With the videos I have just checked out, looks there is some excitement up his sleeves.

  1. Dil se khela to aap ki hit wicket
  2. Dil se khela to aap ki toh googly
  3. Inviting Kapil Sharma to this league?
  4. Promoting women players.
  5. He says, he feels happy to see and promote the sports person in India and he feels proud to be part of one.

Well! By the look of it, looks like this definitely is a celebrity game show of dungeons and dragons cricket style. And if that be the case, then it would be a power packed and fun packed show. With everyone trying their hands on this sports game show, and the host being the great Kapil dev, it would be an all age favourite show for sure. So all guessing done, I am desperately waiting for Kapil dev to unveil this #EkNayiLeague.



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