My first expert: Mom

Well! The word MOM itself gives us so much confidence and warmth. Have you ever noticed when we are scared, or when we fall or when we are confused, or when we are low the first thought and word that comes in our mind is Maa! Mamma! Mummy! Mom! She is like an SOS always there at the time of crisis. You cannot rely on any other person during difficult situations. They say, because God cannot be there everywhere, he created mother. And it is so true. Even before you tell her she understands your pain or problems. She is the first one to celebrate your success or happiness. You may have lot of friends, but your first friend, teacher, guide and confidante is your mother.

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Words fall short to write about Mom. But the time spent and the memories with your mom will always be sweet and something which we cherish for a lifetime . She indeed is our first expert. We learn everything from her.

As soon as we are born, we see and rely on mother. As we grow up, we recognize only her and feel unsafe or uncomfortable with anyone else. As long as a kid is in the mother’s arms, she is confident and happy. My 9 month old is giving me all such experiences which my mom would have experienced with me. The warmth in a mother’s arm is celestial and that is why they say blessed are those who have a mother.

Talking about memories with my mom, well! There are many. Playing outdoors was one of our pastimes back then and our parents would encourage us. I remember, sometimes my mom used to also indulge in the games and that, kind of, encouraged us. Being the youngest of in the house, I was pampered and I used to get some extra privileges here and there. But I would definitely get a scolding too if I did anything wrong.

As I grew up to a young lady, she was always protective about me. Sometimes I did get agitated with her interference and her continuous lectures about what to wear and how to behave, not to trust strangers, blah blah! But today, I definitely am thankful that she taught me these things. Being protective is not at all wrong; I came to understand this after an incident which even now when I think about I get Goosebumps. Not delving into details, I would just say that, if I was not taught these things, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. SO after that particular incident, I learned to deal with difficult situations, and trusting strangers was always a NO NO. But can’t thank my mom enough.

She will be my guide for life in every step. Even today if I am confused, I would take her suggestion. And that is a relationship we hold with our mother. And I try to follow her footsteps even now and will teach all that I have learnt from my mother to my daughter. So definitely she was, is and will always be my first expert.

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One thought on “My first expert: Mom

  1. yes… we definately consider our mom to be our first guide…expert ……our first manager ……our first doctor etc…..all of us will have our initial days of fresh actions where we take our mom’s guidance to start and accomplish our tasks…. she is our first role model who shows the path for her child’s success! We ask her ample doubts and she patiently answers all our queries as her ultimate aim is to see her child prosper be it in academics…housework….relationships……cooking……child bearing and rearing etc………


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