Memories of motherhood


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One just can’t deny that motherhood is an experience which we can’t express in words. It makes a woman complete in its own way. There is a complete metamorphosis mentally and physically. And this change is for good… After bearing immense pain of labor, when you gawk at your baby and touch her tiny little hands, that is the moment of triumph and all the pain evanesces and a smile on your lips and immense love in your eyes is just the beginning of motherhood.

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Well! Every small thing that your child does makes you proud. My little 9 month old angel is my world. Ever since she came into my life, my life has changed. Now nothing really matters to me than being with my baby all the time. Taking care of her, playing with her, singing to her, is my only pastime and I enjoy this to the core. .  Talking about memories! All are fresh and intact like it just happened yesterday. Her blabbering, her screaming when I am not around, her crawling all over the house and hiding under the table or the bed everything just makes me smile and proud.

Just yesterday, I was taking her to my friend’s house and as I opened the lift, the music started in the lift and to my surprise this little monkey was also humming hmm hmm hmm! Like that. I couldn’t stop laughing. When I play music, she just enjoys it.

When she was born, I saw her after good half an hour and as soon I took her in my arms for the first time, the feeling was celestial

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Her very first social smile, I still remember, I was just playing with her and singing some song for her, when she gave a big smile. Initially I thought it’s the smile which infants give when they pass gas. But then several times on the day she smiled back when we smiled at her. And then every day new tantrums, new games, new sounds, new activities. There is no looking back; she amuses me every day with her new activity. Nowadays she is busy growling like an animal. Don’t know where she learnt this, but it’s cute.

Crawling to the corners of the house, she keeps me on my toes. But I enjoy that and that is what is the bliss of motherhood. No matter, how tired or stressed out you are, just a smile and a gentle touch of your little one, makes you forget all the pains and stress and it rejuvenates you. When I hold her she just touches my face gently and a tender smile and lots of love in her eyes. What else one needs when you have your baby around, your world is full and happy.

I will cherish these memories and the memories to come for a lifetime.


One thought on “Memories of motherhood

  1. Motherhood i think is a blessing which is genetic and is passed on for generations as to how we feel the same pain and emotions as to how our mother before us felt with us……we realize these emotions only after we r mothers ourselves and right from the birth of our child and all thru our lives we take the responsibility of their deeds,accomplishments,compliments and punishments if any etc….to sum up ……a mother’s life is full of memories of her child’s life as a whole……


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