An unconditional love of a mother

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I reminisce as a kid, when we were to write an essay on mom, our little minds still had the thoughts crystal clear to write about. Watching our moms run around the house and taking care of every little need and inculcating the best of values in us, we are the person that we are just because of her.  She stood by us like a rock and never expected anything in return. That is why they say a mother’s love is unconditional, No tags attached.

When we are down with fever, just a touch of her hands, make us feel so warm and secured. No matter how much you fight with her, but when you are low or confused, you always need a guide by your side and who else than a mother can fill that place. She is the one who would supplicate her family even at hard times. She is indefatigable and my super woman. She makes a house a home and people living in it, a family. A mother makes the family complete and her absence even for some time makes us uncomfortable.

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I remember, as a kid, I, being the youngest, was attached to my mom the most and would never stay away without her. Even when she used to go shopping without me, I would sulk after she is back. But she would make it a point to make it up by buying something which would bring a broad smile on my face. My mom is very particular about spruceness and we being the indolent kids, would find some or the other excuse to get away from helping her. And she would always bawl at us saying “I have 3 daughters I still don’t get any help from any of you.” But even if I would help my mom, the other too would complain that I am getting a leeway and I get much simpler task compared to her, And vice versa. SO she had to keep explaining each of us.

SO My mom decided to assign the task equally, so no one gets the burden completely on their shoulder and no complaints too. But when we had exams, she would take the burden completely. The idea here was not to lessen her work, but to teach some minimum chores to help each other.

It definitely helped us, now I am a proud wife, mother and daughter-in-law without any complaint and that makes my mom proud. Her lessons did irk us sometimes but it was for good.

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But believe me staying with mom, we used to get some leeway or some concessions here and there, but do we have a choice at the in-laws’? No! and I guess that is what my mother would feel too. But without complaining she just works on and on. I really miss those days and wish I could lessen the burden then and now.


One thought on “An unconditional love of a mother

  1. Mother’s love is eternal!!!!! Unconditional and omnipresent!!!!! She showers unbiased love to all her children in all situations and also a great mentor who corrects all the wrong deeds of her children…..Children are like clay in mother’s hands as she moulds them with her dedication and morals for their overall growth


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