Beautiful destination on a Budget

A jaunt at the mountain top or just a fun filled vacation to experience the beauty of Mother Nature, to feel the fresh air, to spend hours gawking at the picturesque beauty, to sleep on the lap of Mother Nature is always an unforgettable moment or journey for that matter.  The grandiosity of any vacation is to enjoy the beauty of nature with family without spending a bomb. Whether it’s a brief sojourn or a long vacation, the memories last forever. Having said that, one has to be careful, just to save those extra bucks, one can end up in a sleazy hotel or may come across swindlers. So always research before going ahead.

At the same time splurging on a vacation can cause a big hole in the pocket if not planned properly. And so planning a vacation destination on the budget is a difficult task.  To make your task a little easy, I am going to put forth some great and beautiful destinations to help you decide on the best one under your budget.

  1. Ooty:                                                                                                                                                                                       Image result for ooty  One of the low budget holiday destination situated in Tamil Nadu, located at the Western Ghats at a height of 2240 M. The road journey from Bangalore to Ooty is just mesmerizing if the weather favours you. The ghat Roads and the beautiful sceneries on the way, makes you fall in love much before you reach the place. This is a vacation spot for all. You get budget hotels to five star hotels. So this can be light on your pocket and you will get vast options under your budget                                                                                                 .Image result for ooty

Known for its chocolates, this is definitely a destination one can enjoy much within the budget.

  1. Coorg:                                                                                                                                                                                       Image result for coorgKnown for the coffee plantation, this is another place which is pleasant throughout. The home stays are quite famous here with prices just under your budget and it truly feels like a home stay with homemade sumptuous meal. The exhilarating beauty and greenery all around is a place just great for a quiet weekend getaway           .Image result for coorg
  2. Pachmarhi:                                                                                                  Image result for pachmarhi                                                                             Born in the central part of Central India, Pachmarhi was our favorite destination vacation. In the scorching heat of summer, we would enjoy the pleasant weather of this hill station. It’s a popular tourist retreat and the weather is pleasant throughout, so tourists visit this place throughout the year. Again, this is a destination which suits to every class. This bowl shaped mount resort is also called sovereign of Satpura ranges. Rich heritage and scenic beauty makes it a must visit place .                                                                                                        .Image result for pachmarhi
  3. Munnar:                                                                                                                  Image result for munnarWell when they say God’s own city, it is so expedient. Munnar is a heaven in disguise. You get to experience the beauty of hill station and the cool breeze of the sea beach and a romantic house boat ride on the backwaters. A great destination and a must watch too.Image result for munnar
  4. Mysore:                                                                                                                                                                                            Image result for Mysore If you like to go back in time to the 18th century and experience the cultural heritage, Mysore is the place. It has a sobriquet, the cultural capital of south Karnataka, for an obvious reason being the rich heritage it holds and it definitely takes you to the epoch of the great Tipu Sultan when you visit the Palace. Every nook and corner tells you a story and every furniture, doors, windows, paintings, art everything is so well crafted and beautifully designed that it enthrals you to revisit every time. Image result for Mysore                                                                                                                                     The Chamundi temple or the church all has a history attached and is ages old and still the structure is intact.  Image result for Mysore
  5. Tawang                                                                                                                          :Image result for Tawang Located at the North-eastern part of India, Arunachal Pradesh. It is historically a Tibetan territory and is claimed by both People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China as a part of south Tibet. This is the eighth least populous district in the country. Coming to the beauty that it offers. The beautiful valleys, misty rivers and waterfalls embellishing the already beautiful place…Well! One just can’t get their eyes off the marvelous beauty. It keeps you so much attached to the place and it gives memories which you will cherish forever.                  Image result for Tawang

The list is endless. To conclude, I must say that we do have beautiful vacation destinations well under our budget. And it’s just a matter of researching. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the most beautiful vacations this summer.


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