A smart move

I reminisce, as a kid, before the schools would reopen, there used to be a lot of excitement for Going back to school for us. But for our parents it was different, they would be scampering around getting everything ready and in place, like buying books, stationary, bags, covers etc. They would be given a booklist from the school, which would often be available at only at one bookshop, with a lot of queues and “out of stock today, come back later” signs. So my parents would start the process of buying the back to school supplies a month ahead, because they anticipated a lot of trips and re-trips before the entire book set would actually be procured. Those who got it at one go would consider themselves lucky that year. But were they really lucky?…. paying exorbitant prices and doing all that hard work standing in long queues and then literally dragging self with bundles of books and stationery in the scorching summer heat.

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But times have changed now and with everyone going digital, life is quite easy, but is it for the parents? I guess, no! They still stand in long queues broiling under the sun to buy books.

In today’s day and age, where we get everything at our doorstep just with a swipe of our mobiles, why should shopping for education be so troublesome? Why can’t we expect book sets to be delivered at our doorstep? Yes we can now!

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I recently came across a website called Schoolahead.com which is addressing this need. Delivering Education supplies right at your doorsteps. All you got to do is visit the website and place your order. They have a huge collection of text books, reference books, notebooks, stationery and more. So, whichever school your kid may be in, you can browse from their collection of NCERT books, CBSE books and ICSE books and place your order right from your home.

So make a smart move and buy your “Back to school” supplies from Schoolahead.com this year! Happy Parenting to you & Happy Schooling to your kids J


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